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Monday, October 12, 2015

DREAMS of one kind or another....

First off, I had day 2 of my open studio which ended with a friend and her 10 yo daughter messing around on the wheel---she learned QUICK! And had a ball and will return to glaze sometime, and give the wheel another whirl.  This was a very good kid, and, well, they don't have money for lessons.  Anywhere.  Their school has a pretty good arts program, but it gives you pause to think "what a a great country the US would be if there were better after-school arts programs for kids.  Imagine how many would go on to start companies like Apple and the many others who would grow up making pots (or whatever) rather than doing drugs and becoming criminals."

Aside from that, i forgot to put out the tasty CHOCOLATE CHIP COOOKIES I had baked for I have a freezer full for the wife's snacking pleasure......

It is abundantly true that if I had not found art I would surely have ended up a juvenile delinquent, throwing away any chance at a decent life, wasting my advantages. All teens need to find SOMETHING that gets them excited! Thank goodness I did.  Anyway, my friend's daughter is A+ awesome, smart and polite, and it makes me sad to think of the chances she might miss because they aren't rich  in America.

ANYWAY I dreamt just now that I was at a restaurant that frustrated the hell out of me.  I was there from 8 till 11 waiting for my breakfast to be cooked and served, and had to LEAVE.  The only thing I got, and I had to pay up front for the whole thing without a refund, was coffee that I had in that red mug up there.  Which marks the SECOND time I have dreamed that mug:  first before it was made, now that it is out of the kiln. Because you see, I dreamt that mug decoration. Then I made it. I made the green one to try a variation. And now that it has been dreamed of, the wife has asked to use it.....


Michèle Hastings said...

Sounds like you had a fun open studio. I agree that we definitely need more art opportunities in school. Art teachers need more than a cart to push around the school!
Nice mugs. That's a nice rich red glaze.

Lori Buff said...

It’s a shame that arts programs in school are always being cut. It’s so important to the development of the kids.

Barbara Rogers said...

Preachin' to the choir...I dare say none of they guys cutting our education spending had an art class in their lives. Can't you just see those Legislators sitting at wheels instead of desks with mikes? Trying to center that clay...finding out what fun getting mud on their fingers is like! YES! Better arts for all educational levels!

jbflowersandveg said...

Sad that as the business world is acknowledging the need for creative thinkers, educators are winding back art programs. My after school classes require parents to invest in their childs creativity. $15 per week/ class. That has been a good investment for the many children who have gone on to pursue career in the arts. My latest afterschool pottery kid to graduate uni has pursued fashion design,after changing out of photography. None have pursued pottery but several have become art teachers. I dont like having to compete with an afterschooler for a work, but it means I have done a good job.

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