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Sunday, October 4, 2015

looking back...

(mom, me, horse)

My mom has a photo somewhere of me with Eva and her little brother Christoph-we are 3, 4, 1.  Eva IS one of my longest standing friends. We we neighbors in Iowa, then we all moved to different places for 14 years UNTIL by great coincidence we ended up at Bennington, a tiny college in Vermont.

ANYWAY, Eva is nominated for one of those facebook things:  "post a 15+ year old pic of yourself each day for 5 days and nominate someone to do the same each time" and I am it today.  BUT a) I am too lazy to spread it over 5 days and b) I am not going to nominate 5, or even 1 person.  Post your own baby pics if you want!

(in college with my bunny Tex-he ended up moving to Minnesota with my sister and her little kids)

(In college with some of my pots.)

(I taught as a special education teacher in Chicago...blind students.  Alicia was pretty sharp, fearless and reckless and liked to roller skate I KID YOU NOT)

(the wife and I juts before we got married in 1992, when I ran my second Chicago marathon....)

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