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Monday, October 5, 2015

3, no, 4 orangutans....

You never know where the orangutans are going to pop up, now do you?

An exhausted self falls into bed after a weekend of vigorous fall you see.
And the dreams!
The last:  the wife and I have just bought a new house, which is actually our old house, and the realtor comes along, because we plan to sell the house right away.  I am not dressed and the realtor comes into the house without waiting to be let in, so I throw on what is close to hand...a mink stole.  Just a little fur covering, but the realtor, who is a woman, does not seem to notice....and chats and chats and chats, looking around, despite my embarrassment, while I explain we are just moving in, but ready to move out at any time.

SO THEN a pickup is in the driveway and another woman has arrived, with 3 orangutans and she explains they won't travel across the border with her unless I make them a puppet right away! NOW! It is odd, even in dreamland when you are wearing a fur coat that only covers your parts and talking to strange ladies, to have a truck full of orangutans arrive. BUT I am ever creative and resourceful and find a paper bag, drawing a human face on one side and a dragon on the other, and the orangutans are satisfied, and so is their human, and off they go....the realtor too.

BUT THEN fedex arrives with a huge delivery.  Plates, spoons, all this stuff, unexpected.  The delivery person says that it is the reality TV show that is coming to film me, they are gonna need all these plates and things..... and I tell her about the last visitor with the orangutans.  WELL, the driver tells me, she has one of her own, and pulls out a cute baby orangutan from the back....and at that point I have had enough orangutans.  I awake, I crawl out of is Monday....


Barbara Rogers said...

How utterly terrific. Scrooge had nothing on your dreams! So think about compiling them into some classic sounding story, and sell 'em!

Lori Buff said...

You have the most interesting dreams, I wonder how you sleep through them.

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