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Monday, October 26, 2015

microscopic pottery....

My favorite part of pottery has always been the fiddling part.
Throwing on the wheel is, I am sorry to say, maybe the least interesting part to me.  I KNOW a lot of potters get in their groove when they throw, but to me it requires a lot of planning and forethought:  "oh, I gotta make this and that, then later I gotta do that to it and....".  Basically, it is the writer with the blank page to fill, all the decisions to be made.
I guess I kinda like the parts that come next:  putting it all together and decorating.  Because that is the meditative part. I sit there all afternoon fiddling with the bits, putting them together (or lately, also painting flowers, etc on things) a totally mellow meditative dream state.  Like knitting.  OK, I am sounding like a flake, but there it is.

I spent Sunday making a number of sculptures.
It is remarkable how much time that takes.
I could have made 2 dozen bowls in the same time...really.  MORE than 2 dozen.  But that would have been as boring as watching paint dry, to my mind....not liking too much repetition.  ANYWAY, I am entering a competition in less that 2 weeks and need 3 wall of the wall pieces is a new idea, the other 2 are types I have made before, like the elephant and hippo teaparty I was finishing here....I could have taken the one off the wall where it hangs by our kitchen table but I LOOOOOOVE I made another like it, of course....with tiny tiny cups and a teapot.  You know the appeal is that Mr. Elephant has that trunk to pour with, a totally amusing bonus....


Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Love that tiny teapot. Your sculptures are what make your pottery unique!

Barbara Rogers said...

"Won't you have a tad more tea, Mathilda?" "Yes Hortense, I believe I will."

Michèle Hastings said...

Just adorable. Most buyers don't understand that it takes longer to make tiny things than bigger things.

Hilary said...

How cute is that!

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