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Friday, October 26, 2012

the whole dang thing...put together!

I see the wife's magazine and there is this recipe in there, for some type of pocket thing filled with spinach and potato, sausage, mushrooms and cheese and I am thinking "make this vegetarian, and you have a totally cool calzone filling!".  You will recall that last week I was making calzones for the first time in awhile...good golly, why don't people make them EVERYDAY?  The beauty of this filling is you remember when you were a kid and your plate had a little dollop of all the food groups placed around:  the spinach scoop here, the meat there, potato here, etc.  THIS CALZONE HAS THEM ALL inside a tasty crispy crust!

Also, look at this fine vase.  You need things like this, or your relatives do! less than 2 months till CHRISTMAS!  For sale now at my etsy shoppe....tall skinny turquoise or teal vase


Lori Buff said...

Penny is looking at that calzone like she's planing her dinner.

cookingwithgas said...

she was giving that the "dog" eye that is for sure.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

perhaps calzones for dinner this weekend!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Thanks to Jim Gaffigan, I think HOT POCKET! whenever I see a calzone... and there is a place with awesome calzones just a half mile from my house!

I have a sh-ton of ideas for things to make for Christmas/birthdays and your reminding me that it is less than 2 months away is stressing me out! (heading off quilting next weekend)

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