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Sunday, October 21, 2012

blog tourism.....

Last summer Alison visits from Ontario and gives us a bottle of TASTY Cave Springs riesling...a dry wine from the immense Niagara growing region.  It is from Jordan, Ontario, arguably one of the PRETTIEST one block towns on the planet...with a winery in the middle and other wineries in every direction.  Actually, Jordan is like Beverly Hills in the middle of the Ontario woods....
My camera was misbehaving and I only got a couple of shots...but here is my story:

Longtime readers here will know that CM was my very first blog reader and internet customer and international visitor, and a lot of other first things too.  I started blogging 6+ years ago to show her what I was up to, as she was and is very secretive and private, but she came down from Canada and introduced herself to us 6 years ago this month, and we have been good pals with she and her husband B. ever since. They have come here a couple of times, and we have gone across to Ontario to see them.  Not too long ago they bought a new house....which is 100+ years old and gorgeous and they are lovingly restoring, as the saying goes.  I wanted to see it.

The other thread of this story and blogging is the large blog party I had in July, and Alison came down from Ontario with Ontario wine...the Cave Spring.  I loooooooooooooooved it, love love loved it! And I knew that just across the border from Buffalo is the prettiest part of southern Canada.  The area around Canadian Niagara Falls is all orchards, hills and forest, sooo pretty.  I looked up Cave Spring after tasting it and was like WOW, as you may say when you see the links above (my camera was misbehaving and I was lucky to get a couple of shots only...oh well).  Also turns out, Jordan, Ont is close to CM and B's new I planned to see the winery, have lunch, see their house, and BE A LEAF PEEPER as it is peak color season there....

Anyway, wine tourism and blog buddy tourism is FUN.  People may not realize how utterly close all of Canada is to New York...well, right across the border.  Since it is harder to travel since W. tightened border security, America ignores Canada.  Not me!  I love it!  I love Canadians!!!  I even had time to go to Canadian Niagara Falls....well, anyway, thanks for listening and I wish more of my pics had come out!


Unknown said...

Ontario is really beautiful! It's a lot like upper New York State, except for hockey rinks in the parks instead of baseball diamonds. ;-)

smartcat said...

OOOOHHHH!! Nice trip. What a scenic area...with wine yet!
Cool pitchers!

Barbara Rogers said...

I'm trying not to, Canada, Niagra Falls. Groan.

cm said...

It was great seeing you again! Hopefully next time Maude will be able to make it, too.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

My husband makes fun of me for liking Canada so much. I've always said that Toronto is like New York but cleaner and with Canadians. Oh, and recycling. We've been to Ontario north of Tornoto to canoe/camp in the Algonquin National Park and lordy, is it gorgeous up there. Lucky you to be so close!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I bet it was fun.

alison said...

I can't believe I'm just seeing this now! I'm so glad I had a small part in getting you across the border to visit your friend and spend time in a truly beautiful part of our fair province. I'm very partial to that wine myself!!

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