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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

BABY ALEX = practice for therapy dogs!

(baby Alex last year)

Many of you will remember my old pal, Baby Alex, Tiffany's son? He was visiting Monday. I don't know what happened in the last few months, but suddenly he is TWO, running around, and talking about...everything! Like colors and cats....good golly, he is CHARMING, as you see, and utterly fearless, outgoing and FUN. Tiffany is a clinical social worker who went to Columbia, where she met her husband who is one of those doctors with a stack of credentialed letters after his name....a zillion different degrees. It is, perhaps, not surprising that baby Alex is so smart, and if you knew how wonderful his parents were, you would also understand why he is the nicest baby you have ever met. Toddler now. Or pre-schooler? Will he be 18 and at Columbia himself and I am like "hey, baby Alex! Its your (honorary) uncle Gary!". Next thing you know, sadly, you will not be able to pick up his awesome little self....

ANYWAY, last night I had my last class to become a Cornell Companion, which is the Cornell Vet School therapy dog program!  It seemed like after the dog evaluation on Saturday, which Penny passed, half the people were gone.  Their dogs had FAILED.  True!  But you can see Penny here in action, she is totally sweet and playful and extraverted that you can see why my vet told me she should become a therapy dog.... unfortunately for me, though, the hospice training is quite extensive and we are not scheduled to begin that until spring....


smartcat said...

Oh for the cute. Penny is a real sweetheart. Your four-legged family seems to be great with the little one.

Knight said...

Hey I know that baby!
Holy cats did he get big! Such a sweet kid.

Lori Buff said...

Penny is going to make a lot of people happy. It's so god of you to do this with her for them.

Emily SIL said...

I remember baby Alex! He sure has grown. Now he is toddler Alex. I would like to be his honorary Aunt. And when he is 18 and enrolled at Columbia, I will probably still be living in New York.

Joyful Things said...

Look at your big smile when you hold him! Those are great pictures.

Tiffany said...

Sorry, but Alex has already chosen Ithaca College. Class of 2032!!

Julia said...

Oh GOSH what a cutie!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Who let him grow up????

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