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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

speaking of Claudia and blackberries...the berry kind....

Yesterday Claudia blog posts this divine looking simple pasta recipe full of meat and cream and I am like "wait, that sh!t can be REPLACED with vegetarian stuff and it will be DIVINE..." and EARLIER that day it had been the same....I get these frozen blackberries when our own season is over (as in, our ten months of winter)...I have always wondered about the blackberry cobbler recipe on back which is full of butter and cream, easily made non-dairy....I have never had blackberry cobbler before.  Maybe I have never had cobbler of any kind before?  WHY HAVE I NOT MADE AND EATEN blackberry cobbler before?????
It was our breakfast just now and Couldn't be more simple and easy to make and holy COW it is super tasty!

Spike agrees:  Claudia's peas, sausage and farfale made veg is DAMN CONVINCING....although he thinks those look like spinach pasta corkscrews, not farfale....

In other news, you know I am pretty crazy about exploring this decorating scheme, swirlies! Under glaze, mmmm mmmm mmm good!


Shortstuff said...

Gary you are just a magician in the kitchen.

Lori Buff said...

Great bowls, they should be perfect with a twisty pasta.

Unknown said...

Love the smell of cobbler baking in the morning. ;-)

I bet it can be made gluten-free, too! I'll send your link to my gluten-free experimental kitchen relatives.

smartcat said...

Do you have a recipe for cobbler? Love the pasta although Spike is definitely doubtful!
Swirl away....I'm dizzy with liking!

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Only you could take a recipe full of a pound of sausage and make it vegan! I think the peas are the best part anyway. Your cobbler looks amazing! Yum!!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Spike has discriminating taste of course.
Love the berries and your take on a meat dish; yummo!

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