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Monday, September 3, 2012

playing possum....

S___ writes something like this "I want to give _____ something special for his birthday.  I call him my little Possum!  I was thinking a coffee pot and a mug with a possum hanging on it, like they hang by their tails upside down, from trees.  CAN YOU DO IT???".
And it was early, like 5am, and I was INTRIGUED by the idea, but did not think I could do a decent job of it.  So I was like "I will try, S____, but will probably do a bad job.  Buy me a beer and whatever I make will be yours."
Possum live around the river bank all around our house...we only see them when they get flattened by trucks on the road....but then I looked at pictures, including this wonderful tee shirt, and I was like "I GOT IT!" and figured that if I made a mouse sort of thing and hung it off the side of the mug......
and that is when I begin to calculate that S_____ can buy me not one, but two beers and and and and.... :)


Unknown said...

Sooooo Cute! Yes, they look a lot like mice! {or (shhhhh) rats}

Michèle Hastings said...

perfect! i think s___ should buy you a CASE of good beer

smartcat said...

Cool Cups! Are there going to be more possums in the future?
Many years ago when we had barn cats there were two possums who would join them for dinner every night. We decided the cats thought they were some ugly breed of cat!

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

My daughter had a possum encounter in our apartment courtyard Friday night. She would freak if I served her morning tea in a possum mug.

Nice job. Love the curly tail!

smalltownme said...

My normal response to possums is eeeweeeew but you made them look really cute!

Rainbow Motel said...

Or maybe an entire brewery! Those are some excellent possum mugs.

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