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Saturday, September 15, 2012

color coordinating the neighborhood

You KNOW the neighbors are gonna come out and talk to you when you paint your purple house spring green (with cream and periwinkle accents).  J. is like "the house is exactly the color of your pottery, its so you!" (true!) A. is like "we were gonna paint OUR HOUSE EXACTLY that color, but I sure am glad I can look across at it!" and L. was like "we were going to paint our house green, you need to bring your colors over so we can coordinate....".  I am like "paint any color you want, who cares????".  But maybe neighbors DO CARE?  I mean, matching houses? Dueling or conflicting colors? All I know is this:  we are painting exactly the colors we want, and we are FIRST....
Stephen has another week to go, but you get the idea pretty clearly now....

Spike watches the painting from inside....
coming along....

view from the street

Spike says "they are painting to match my eyes...just like he has glaze to match my eyes...and covered the couch to match my eyes and...... (maybe this is the best pic of these guys ever, like a Sears portrait!)

I had a blood donation appointment for double reds.  I have always been over 130 pounds, but lately way under.  I weighed myself at the YMCA just before, and even dressed, with shoes, keys, a belly full of lunch, a camera and a book they would NOT let me do the double red donation which requires 130 pounds +.  I guess I have been pretty active in recent months....anyway, they sure did line me up for a regular blood donation though....blegh, don't look at this picture!


Shortstuff said...

The house is looking great, Gary. I know you and Maude must be thrilled. Love the pix of Spike peeking out the window to watch the goings on.

cookingwithgas said...

I guess Les and i are both up early! Love the colors- so sweet.

smartcat said...

Early Birds United!
I like the new look of the house. Now people can give directions the way we do in this area...."Where the purple house used to be!"

Corinne Tyo said...

a) that is most definitely a sears magazine picture. hit the nail on the head.
b) you should leave the door purple. almost as an homage "we welcome the new, but we remember the past"
c) why haven't I commented in forever??? I'm terrible.

Busy Bee Suz said...

The color is so fresh and pretty!!!!
You are awesome for donating...even if you couldn't pull a 'double'!

gz said...

The house looks good- Foreman Spike is doing a good job!!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

The house is looking fabulous! Proof of your superior color choices. :)
Plus, think how lovely the iris will be next year, blooming against such a contrasted background instead of just blending in.

It's not fair how some people get older and have trouble keeping the weight on, while others of us have trouble keeping the weight from doubling! NOT FAIR AT ALL!!
Drink more beer and consume more calories in general to make up for all that you have been exercising off. And if that doesn't keep the weight up, maybe make a an appt. with the doc. Really. Please! After my mom's experience with cancer, I have become a worrier about unexplained changes in health.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Thanks for the concern, but I have seen the Dr. 3 times: I am VERY healthy :) You did not know me in my athletic marathon days, but lets just say I have gone back to them :)

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