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Saturday, September 1, 2012


You figure on a day like this:  "post anything, nobody will be reading!". Holidays in the sunshine....

If June 1 is my favorite day of the year, because there are 3 guaranteed nice months ahead, then we sure did party out on August 31, me, the wife, the dog and cat and people who came over.  Where was the camera???? INDEED!  I made a fine end-of-summer spread and didn't get pictures, what was I thinking?
Anyway, you feel a bit bittersweet about September 1 up here.  The last 2 mornings were so cold, 40 something degrees, we were wearing jackets and gloves...of course, then it got up to 92.  But things look golden, the sun, the plants.....early fall is here.
People EVERYWHERE want to know how to make my veggie burgers, the tastiest things on earth, converting meat eaters to veg every time....***

You will recall that I was using up some clay odds and ends and made a huuuge tis....things like this are hard to glaze in my little glaze buckets, so I use a soup ladle and 2 glazes that work well when you simply slop that sh!t on there....and I mean SLOP!

Gary's veggie burger which looks pretty damn tasty and IS and super healthy and vegan too....

--(you can use an egg, but as a vegan I have my replacement binder:  in a bowl, mix 3 TBS vegan cheese, 2 TBS nutritional yeast, 2 TBS soy milk--stir around, microwave 20 seconds on high, stir a little more)

Step one:  crack an egg into a bowl or do the vegan thing above
Step the rest:  add in 2/3 cup cooked rice and 1/3 cup drained canned black beans or cooked lentils, add half a grated carrot, 3 TBS corn, half a grated onion, cumin, black pepper, whatever spice you like----stir it all around, form into patties, add oil and heat up fry pan and cook---as it fries, slide your spatula under from time to time to prevent burning, and when side one is crisp looking, after 3-5 minutes, the patties should hold together nicely and flip easily...fry both sides until it seems golden and yummy, eat up!


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

When I lived in Massachusetts, Sept was when my seasonal depression would kick in. I had to move somewhere with endless summer.

I'll have to try making your veggie burgers. My daughter has been disappointed with all the pre-made brands she has bought at stores. I'm sure yours are tastier.

smalltownme said...

You do have a way with tastycakes.

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