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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

a question for you: MOVIES, how do you watch???????

I have not been able to figure out facebook since the change last month, seems like before you could follow what was going on, now I feel like it flickers past and I miss everything....and can't really say I care too much. But I don't like to be confused. DITTO NETFLIX.
I don't know what the heck is up with Netflix, but just like facebook, who had an easy to follow formula which people liked, netflix had to mess with things. I am not conservative and I don't mind change, but sometimes companies change things just to change them, you know? Like coke and coke 2 or new coke or classic coke--you are raking in the bucks, why are you messing with that?
We got rid of our netflix acct a couple of days ago. Maybe not for the reasons you would think. I plan to wait out their turbulence and in a few months or so rejoin...or something. It seemed like there was always some netflix something I had to watch and it was a burden, not fun--PLUS, as the wife reminds me, we have stacks of unwatched movies to watch that we own and need too get around to. But basically, A) I prefer to read and B) I need to get out some! More on that...

A) When my mom was little, her grandpa, a teeny tiny Welshman lived with her family. He did not have much schooling and he worked in a Massachusetts factory making Converse high tops, YEP, those sneakers indeed. He read all the time, and she grew up doing the same and some of my earliest memories are of going with her to the library every week. We have not had a TV for a very long time in this household, but I go through a book nearly every other day, 3-5 a week. Mysteries, etcetcetc, but I have never really been a book buyer--I read too many. And ditto the kindle---I love libraries and can't see suddenly spending money on books, plus, as I say, I need to get out of the house and work studio, and the library has always been a treat which brings us to...

B) Getting out of the house! I have no reason to go anywhere. Just the store and library. But I am trying to get out more, and sitting on my duff at home watching the small screen and a dvd is not really what I want....SO, as I told the wife, let's go OUT to more movies. And we do! Contagion and Midnight in Paris last week, excellent both. The big screen is pretty exciting.

ANYWAY, where do you stand on the whole movies thing? I mean, we live in a golden age, where you can sit at home and stream one episode of Ally McBeal or The Office after another, never any ads (oh YES, we have done that!!!!!!!)

Have you been out to movies? Do you find you will just sit there like a zombie, watching anything that comes onto TV? or do you just watch a few good movies at home sometimes, and do you read all that you want to?


CiCi said...

We don't go out to the movies. We do streaming Netflix and watch old TV shows like Frost, Downton Abbey, MI-5 (Brit shows) and some movies. We are both busy all morning doing our stuff and we pull out our trays at lunch time and watch something with lunch. Sometimes we watch something in the evening too, so we get lots of use out of our Netflix plan. We also watch documentaries on nature or countries.

Gallow said...

I work out of the house during the day. I photograph in the evenings and weekends, and when I'm not photographing I'm processing the photos. Sometimes I watch TV while I'm processing.

Sarah said...

I actually watch a lot of movies while in the studio. More TV series actually than movies, because then I can find a series and watch episode after episode without losing time deciding what I want to watch next. (I LOVE Downton Abbey!!) I have Netflix too. Here in Canada we don't have the selection you have in the US, but it is still good. Of course I don't watch anything while customers are in the studio, kind of ruins the 'artist at work' feeling if I am watching the A-Team blow something up. :)
Reading is good. I have a used bookstore in the back of my pottery shop, so I don't have a shortage of reading material. Mysteries are my faourites. Of course it is a bit hard to read a book while making a puffin, but I listen to audio books a lot in the studio too. is a great site for free audiobooks if you like older stories. All the readings are done by people like you and I and the material is in the public domain, so is a bit antiquated, but I love it for that. More reading is always good!! :)

Deborah said...

We rarely go to the movies. I think the last time was maybe January, February? (True Grit). We watch Netflix movies and some of their TV shows too, mostly on weekends. Dave indulges in much sport-watching, which I don't enjoy so I will retreat to the bedroom and either read or surf the net.

I'm not digging the new FB setup either (probably a good way to keep me from hanging out there too much). I need to get out in the world a lot more too but since I have to go to work every day, I count that towards my social activities and call it good!

Lori Buff said...

We rarely watch movies but when we do it's usually at the drive-in or on the laptop (we don't own a TV). Mostly we read or talk to each other or visit with friends.

-Rob, Simple Circle Studios said...

My wife and I dropped half of our Netflix account when they raised the rates. We still have streaming movies that we take great advantage of. I would probably watch more movies but my and my wife's tastes do not exactly match and I try not to subject her to too much of the rubbish I like.
We rarely go to the movie theater; I think the last one was Avatar. They are just too expensive to go to very often.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I know, movies can be expensive. We are lucky to live in a college town with lower price college cinema, made lower when you buy a 6 pack or we go to matinees :) the netflix streaming is pretty awesome, whatever you want, when you want it! DVDs will soon be dinosaurs....

Susan as Herself said...

I've never tried Netflix. I have a Tivo, and I rarely am home to watch the TV shows I like while they are on. Plus I don't like to waste time with commercials. So I Tivo what I want and watch it when I have time and skip the commercials. I LOVE going to the movies but it is expensive like you say, and so I see it as a treat---a little luxury. The smell of the popcorn makes me swoon, and I love the giant screen and surround sound!

Joyful Things said...

We don't go out movies as I eat too much junk - popcorn and chewy sweet things - and my husband falls asleep! and, it is a lot of $$$$$$$. We rent (we have a big screen TV and surround sound in the basement) and have a family movie night on Fridays - the boys and I eat too much junk and my husband falls asleep ....

Busy Bee Suz said...

I NEED to read more...I miss it, but seems like I don't have the time anymore???
We watch movies at home when we have time; and lately, that aint happening either.
If we go to the movies, we have this super special place that has HUGE comfy seats (you reserve your seat ahead of time) and you can have beer/wine/snacks while you watch...tres' cool.
They changed netflix???? I have not looked at it in a few weeks, hope I can figure it out again.

Anonymous said...

We try to go the movies once a month, usually on Tuesdays as it's cheap night. For three of us it's $5.99 a head, and we bring our own snacks from home. Sometimes I buy popcorn, but we usually share. it always costs more for the snacks than it does to get in.


Knight said...

I'm not a fan of going to the movie theater in this city. It's insanely expensive and people are always distracting you by talking or cell phones or wandering around in front of the screen. I'm too hostile for that.

Unknown said...

Going out to the movies is really cheap here, but George and I don't like it. I am not really a fan of movies, per se. There are movies I absolutely love, but I don't watch, just for the sake of watching, I have to love them. We get them on Pay Per View so it's 3.99. A lot cheaper, and we can cuddle with the pups.
I only read Educational materials. I am a weirdo about that. Once again the same thing, there are books I love, and those, not so much.
George is the reader, anything, anything at all. llol lol lol :) He will watch anything also, as long as it 's not sports.

Emily SIL said...

If I had to choose one or the other form of entertainment, TV/movies or books, I would definitely choose books. I grew up in a house where reading seemed to be everyone's favorite pastime. And I was read aloud to, a lot.

I, too, changed my Netflix membership recently. (I guess I'm a member of "Qwickster" now, because I still prefer to get the actual DVDs.) Going out to movies here can be expensive ($13 prime time) but lately more theaters are showing matinees. And there is always something you want to experience in the theater. I haven't seen "Contagion" yet, but I hope it's playing for a while because I can't wait to see that one.

red dirt girl said...

I've only been OUT to the movies twice in the last 2 years. Once with my kids for my birthday ... ummm ... can't remember what we watched. Then twice with Soubry to see Horrible Bosses which wasn't as funny as I was hoping it to be.

Right now I'm in a book reading phase, having plowed through about 25 books during the last 3 weeks.

Generally I wait until the movie is released on DVD and then rent it from my cable service provider. So I can still remain a couch potato!!


smartcat said...

We don't go out much to the movies. But since getting the fairly large flat screen TV we watch many films at home. We download from our cable company and buy DVD's. We do our own dilm festivals. We just finished an Aaron Sorkin Festival, in the last year we have done a Film Food Festival, (Eat, Drink, Man, Woman; Babette's Feast; Julie and Julia; Big Night and many more) and we did a Jane Austin Festival last winter. Our best watching time is late afternoon, early evening. Sometimes we get really nerdy and make dinner to match the movie.

Summer said...

I'm also reading too much to remember movies. I would like Netflix, but I don't want to pony up the cash to go for it. Booookks it is!

k.a. barnes said...

The library is a huge treat, isn't it? I like going on library binges every once in awhile- I go in with my gigantic list of books I want to read and get about 10 or 12 at a time. When I get them home, I just kind of look them all over and relish digging in. Which one first?
We have netflix & the streaming, although the streaming is more for Brett because I tend to like older movies, more obscure ones and documentaries and there aren't a lot of those on streaming.
This summer, Brett's been borrowing a digital projector, put a Tyvek curtain on our clothes line and we've been doing our own drive-in out on our deck! Make our own popcorn, grab a dog & a blanket and a deck chair and settle in! We did Indiana Jones, Pee Wee's Big Adventure & the Great Muppet Caper. Thinking of doing Ghostbusters for Halloween if the weather's not too bad. It reminds me of when I was little & my dad would borrow a movie projector from our library and some 16mm Marx Brothers films and we'd watch them on the dining room wall.

cm said...

Our library comes to us, with the Bookmobile arriving every Monday, so I use that as my own Netflix - order the film online and wait for it to come in. Scheduling can be a bit of a crap shoot, with multiples coming in at once, and it doesn't work for series, as you only get a week to watch, but I don't have much time to watch anything anyway.

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