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Sunday, October 2, 2011

cracked rear view with pink lacey undies

Part of this story has to do with UNmentionables (check in first thing Monday for a LOT of unmentionables!) You know as well as I do that YOUNG people are different from people like US. We are so much cooler. And more sensible! (on a cold day) You will see me and the wife here digging Starschmucks' wickedly deep and dark brews, me in my new EGGLANT PURPLE shirt, when the moon in all its cracked glory rose behind the wife. The place was crowded, just off campus, and the young gal behind the wife was, you know, bending over and showing the room not only the low cut jeans, but the, well, to put it bluntly, lacey undies and, well, that which she should share only with her doctor or significant other, you know? MY POINT? Check in Monday for a complete discussion of unmentionables.

Meanwhile, other than Spike getting the lovin' and messin' around, you see me finishing a dog cup for the wife's new office. She wanted a small thing to keep pencils in. I had already given her a hippo for the paper clips. A beagle pencil cup sounded like a great match for a hippo idea for me! I gotta make it a little bigger, with the tail forming the handle...have a great evening, see you Monday!


Elizabeth Grimes said...

Lol! When I see something like that, I wonder..."Don't they know????" Too funny. :)

gz said...

"thongs for the memory" ?!

Spike is sitting on your lap, and his expression says "mine" !
Daughter's cat loves brown paper and bags too. She'll hide inside a paper shopping bag and pat passing feet with her paws!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Awww...spike and a paper bag? perfectly fun.
I get your title now. Cracked rear view. You are too darn funny!

Unknown said...

Oh, thank God.
I was scared you had taken a picture of the moon rising.

Thanks for maintaining SOME decorum.

I'm still interested in some eggplant colored pottery, if you ever get a notion to make something matching that fine shirt.

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