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Monday, October 17, 2011

Christmas is at least 5 months long, maybe longer?

I am out with the wife on a hot date having, well, cheapo burritos actually, like, 5 and change gets you 2 enormous thingies, and she is like
"HERE. I got you this awesome lambswool sweater for Christmas. But you're cold NOW and you could be wearing it all fall. So, you can have it NOW. I bet you wear it hundreds of times before December 25..." and me and my frozen hands are like, putting it on
"OH YES, so soft and wooly, thank you smoochies....and GOLLY, it matches Spike the cat!!!!"


Gary's third pottery blog said...

how did I get grass and leaves all over the sleeve already?

Unknown said...

Aw, how nice of Maude to give you your present now. She is such a great wife Gary, and you a great husband. It does have the same colors as Spke...:)

Emily SIL said...

The sweater was meant to be part of your wardrobe, just as Spike was meant to be part of your family.

Claudia said...

And I though MY cat was big. Spike is awesomely huge! Nice sweater. And such a nice wife too!

k.a. barnes said...

Beautiful! It has been damned cold already, hasn't it? I love that you match Spike!

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