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Monday, October 24, 2011

le hike grande*

Sunday promised to be 61 and sunny, a rarity these days, warm and sunny is.....and so we packed up the beagle and ran off to Starschmucks and walked, well, seemingly forever, around Cornell Plantations and Beebe Lake and other such gorgeous and colorful parts of the Cornell campus near our house.
Here is the dog eating trash outside the building the wife works in during the week...happy Monday!
PS- the wife tells me she needs to wear MORE FASHIONABLE JEANS if she is going to be blogged....Honey, just assume: I will blog EVERYTHING
*the Starschmucks cup in the trash, you will notice, is NOT ours, but you knew that, because you probably saw the wife has our sippy cup hanging on her hip, and is it not a CLEVER connection, calling the hike grande, like a coffee from Starschmucks?
pps- YES, I know how to make my own coffee, dangit, and I DO, but Starschmucks coffee bags from the grocery, which we drink, have a coupon for a FREEBIE...although we always make sure to toss pocket change LOUDLY into the tips jar...and make sure the barista is watching us throw a tip in there, so we don't seem totally, you know, CHEAP....


Deborah said...

Love this time of year so much. I enjoy seeing individual leaves on the trees, hanging on for dear life, like in your pictures. It has been a glorious autumn here, with snow headed our way Wednesday. I'm sure going to miss the fall!

Kimberly said...

Starshumcks! God... that place has really come down a few notches in popularity these days.

I wish I could have been on your walk. We went to Bath to see my Dad and the leaves were really pretty in the sun.

Busy Bee Suz said...

You guys are so earth friendly!!!!!!
Free coffee is free coffee...I'd take it too Gary.
Lovely day!!!!

Alfred said...

I get wicked homesick for the Northeast at this time of year...!

Ithaca sure is gorges!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

tis a GORGE right there, behind the of many...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful fall weather seems to be everywhere! Glad you were out enjoying it, too. :)

I have a card for Fourbucks but I use it rarely. At nearly $5 for a venti pumpkin latte, I don't feel bad not giving a tip. That company is making more than enough money to pay its workers! (However, I once overheard them discussing me across the room... I didn't return to that store!)

While I am definitely thrift-conscious, I do tip the baggers well at the Commissary (they work for tips only) and I think I'm on the generous side at restaurants as well. It's that coffee place that makes me hate tipping!

Anonymous said...

Maude -- you are hiking, your jeans are fine! :)

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