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Thursday, August 18, 2011

killer eggplant!

Amy shows up with a bag full of awesomeness from her farm up the road every other day....she and Dave are our buddies, but YES, pottery is involved from our side. Last night, for example, there were tomatos and Thai hot peppers and pretty green and purple lettuce, but last week? A bag of gorgeous eggplants. They have the most pretty color don't they? I had just seen an awesome article in the NY Times about eggplant steamed with peanut sauce, oh WOW! It is an immensely simple recipe---you can look at the original, but this is how I did it.

for 2 hungry people: steamed eggplant with peanut sauce and noodles

in large pot with a steamer for veggies, pour in an inch of water and put onto high heat, do the same with a small pan half full of water

cube an eggplant

when both pans start to boil, toss the eggplant into the big, and 2 handfulls of noodles into the small, turn each down to low heat as you would usually cook pasta, and set timer ten minutes

dice 1/2 cup tomato and 1/4 cup onion and when pasta done, add a small spoonful of oil to the noodles plus onion and tomato

in bowl, mix 1/2 cup peanut butter, 1 tbs soy sauce, 1 tbs brown sugar, 1 tbs lime juice, garlic powder and red pepper powder and 1/2 cup water, stir!

eggplant should be tender after ten minutes steaming, divide onto 2 plates, divide noodles with it then top with the peanut sauce, sooooooo tasty!


Busy Bee Suz said...

I love eggplant too...this meal looks perfect!

Bengts fotoblogg said...

Lovely dog, great blog.

Unknown said...

Looks great if one loves eggplant. George and I do not like it...hahahhahaa! Squash, and most other veggies we love but eggplant, no. It's pretty to look at, love the color....

Joyful Things said...

I love eggplant and I love peanut sauce but have never had them together - I'm trying it this weekend!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Mmmm, mmmm--I love eggplant!

k.a. barnes said...

penny seems very alarmed by those eggplants.

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