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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mickey and Minnie GO DOWN

To start with the end of the day: there are crashes and Spike the cat and Georges le Soq the rude French sock monkey look like they have been battling something horrible....later: more crashes, and Spike is holding something in his mouth...which squeaks and keels over, all chewed, damp, dead. Mickey. Buried without much fanfare and a "sea", as it were....and then later, after I am asleep???? MORE CRASHES. There is Spike again outside the bedroom door, with another damp and well chewed mouse: MINNIE. He sets Minnie proudly at my feet, Minnie makes a break for it, Spike grabs her again.....I grab tissues, grab Minnie from the proud hunter, and again, funeral at "sea" with a was hard getting back to sleep, believe me, were we going to see any more mice? Luckily, in our 5 and a half years in this house, there has only ever been one other mouse in our house. Although Penny killed one in the yard last our house under siege? My little pets will kick their ass, believe me...

In other news, me and the wife were on the road Saturday, and, well, a lifelong, or at least recent dream was realized: I got a skull ring! 3 skulls!!!! The wife tells me "if somebody asks you why 3, you tell them 'one is for me, one is for the guy I murdered and the third is YOU if you don't leave me alone'. I know, the wife is full of surprises, isn't she? Keith Richards, when asked why he wears a skull ring, says that it is a reminder that we are all the same underneath it all. I was thinking, that is true, but maybe what I prefer is the reminder "see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil". Or maybe it has something to do with the mice down the toilet.....


Shortstuff said...

Gorgeous and full of surprises! You are one lucky man Mr. Rith. Glad you know how to count your blessings.

Cheryl said...

Oh my gosh, I sat on the edge of my seat in suspense all through this post, would there be, could there be, should there be another MOUSE? As for the ring, dang, it is one neat-o piece of jewelry and looks great on your hand! Beware the man with the three skulled ring.

Gordo said...

That Maude ... Great ring!

Emily SIL said...

Spike is not just a pretty face. He looks like he's keeping watch against another rodent invasion.

Unknown said...

Okay that ring is the total BOMB! The potter with the three skull ring, you should have that made into a stamp and use it on the pottery, I WOULD! Now that is a cool dude logo, do it! :)
Oh stupid mousies, always getting killed and dead. Our cat Grover used to line them up at the front door, ugh! Of course no one knows exactly how many he actually killed, just brought home the not wanted I am sure.
Oh Maude is "Way too Super" a spouse, I hope the three skulled ringed potter shows you much love and tons of homemade cookies...Love you guys!

Busy Bee Suz said...

We won't let Disney know about this. :)

Unknown said...

GO SPIKE!!! And Penney!

Your pets rock!

~ Sil in Corea said...

You are the luckiest man alive! Great life, great wife, great pets! Gotta love it!

Knight said...

LOVE the ring! I wear my skull on my ring finger to show my love and dedication to el diablo. Or maybe I just like skulls.

Reverend Awesome said...

Wow! That ring is great and so is Maude(and you too, of course)!

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