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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

rotten Groton and the BEASTIE BOWLS

Jen was talking once, describing growing up around here "I am from rotten Groton!" which cracks me up, and I am doing a display at Groton's town celebration August 20. SO, as you see, I am considering making mugs with cows, bowls with cows etc, but also mugs and such with a dinosaur saying "Rotten Groton". Will people in that town think I am laughing at them or laugh with me and buy them? I just hope nobody punches me.

Kasey was like "hey, you could make a monster bowl!" and indeed I could! She said that just as I got an order for my famous monster mugs for Manndible cafe....and I think the bowls are even more fun. I may have to make them pink with a tongue inside....

Finally, Erin was talking about when she was a little girl, she liked to draw snakes lifted aloft and flying with balloons...whereas I do pigs etc. flying off with balloons, I found that funny and am giving it a try too.....Erin, of course, is an entymologist, and famously, as she puts it, not only likes insects but as for snakes "has a fondness for snakes"...unlike me, who has no fondness for snakes...


Unknown said...

First: can't wait to see how the bowl is going to turn out.
Second, when I was a little girl, there was a local dairy called Broughton's.

Yes, it rhymed with rotten.

They had a jingle that went (and I wish you could hear the cute little tune:

Better buy Broughton's
Fresh as the new day
Pure and fine
Better by Broughton's
Everything's delicious in the
Dairy line
from the dairy with the fresh ideas

We used to giggle till I would cry singing at the top of our lungs: Rotten's. Rotten's. Better buy Rotten's.

They went out of business.

Small wonder.

I still remember when their cottage cheese went bad in our fridge. HA!

Thank you for my rotten walk down memory lane!

Anonymous said...

You know, I think when I was little many folks called it "Rotten Groton" but that could have been just the group my parents hung around with and I"m wondering if that may have gone out of "style" in the 70's. ( My Dad was on the school board before we hit the road and moved up the hill to Freeville..) I'm not so sure the 'Groton-ites" would find it funny, but maybe. You might need to do some investigating to see if folks STILL call it that! Good luck - Jen

Reverend Awesome said...

Do you know Austin's city motto? Keep Austin Weird.
If Grotonites can't see the humor in the phrase "Rotten Groton" that leads me to believe it actually is rotten. So, why don't you worry about being less rotten, Groton?

I mean, we have an entire store here in Des Moines devoted to poking fun at our cities. (Raygun/Smash)

If Des Moines can do it, Groton can do it too.

Nancy L.K. Boyce said...

OK, Groton is a very small rural farm community. Some people (like me)will see the humor- others WILL be offended. My thought is keep a few of the Rotten Groton but go with a more positive message, like just "Groton, NY", "Olde Home days 2011" (make sure you do the old English spelling). I think you will sell more of these, and the object is to sell them. We do have a composting program called "Rotten in Groton".

Nancy L.K. Boyce said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nancy L.K. Boyce said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

hahahhaha! The great Groton contreversy ! To be rotten or not? hahahha! Love it Gary, love it! They used to have stickers and badges that they sold locally that said, "Welcome to beautiful Wisconsin, now go home"! hahahhaa! :) Great pottery, adore it! :)

Nancy L.K. Boyce said...

Gary, I look like a fruitcake! my comments weren't showing up. so I kept doing it over! I think you can delete a couple of these!

CiCi said...

Do bookworms on the frig magnets.

Summer said...

What a lovely snake with balloons! Super cute. (Of course, you do know about my fondness for snakes.)

And I definitely love Rotten Groton.

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