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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

making a little gem.....

More on LITTLE GEM in a second.
FIRST, if you live in upper NY state, come see me Saturday at Groton, NY Olde Home Days! Groton is not our town, but it is just a couple miles up the road. I will be selling some Groton stuff and other stuff too. You will recall that people around here, who do not live in Groton, call it "Rotten Groton" and I started making some joke items with that on there....and realized right away what a BAD idea that is. Instead, cows, dogs, pigs etc with <3 Groton, NY, etc

The little gem? I make a lot of things and I make stuff that is you know, like Groton things, orders for others, but really, as I get older, I just want to sit there and make the little gem. The sweet and awesome little item. I had a student tell me once "Gary makes pottery like Dr Seuss would have made!". YES. That is the way to go. Below you see my sketch idea for a zebra sugar bowl, then you see the parts, then you see it finished, with a frog sugar bowl and a fired zebra sugar bowl, giving you an idea about what color it will be...I cannot tell you how fun it is to make things like this, you are creatively and physically transported...if you are low, you are lifted, just like the rush of riding your mountain bike (I did that too yesterday). I am a creativity-productivity addict: I like to get things done!


Gallow said...

Woohoo. I hope it's a great day on Saturday.

Elizabeth Grimes said...

These are amazing. I love the piggy bank. :)

Nancy L.K. Boyce said...

Great job Gary! I think the day should be a good one!

gz said...

Those lugs are just right for the leapfrog jar!

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Oh - this made me think about Lincoln, NE because my dad who still lives there, always calls it "Stinkin Lincoln." And he WOULD buy a mug with that on it! In you take special orders? Seriously let me know!

Unknown said...

Oh, me, too on the bank! So cute!!!

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

How awesome to control your own creative destiny. ;-)

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