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Thursday, May 26, 2011

the legend of the purple house....

The story goes like this: we came along March of 2006 on a muddy and grey day, house shopping. It had been a long day, but we knew in that gloomy weather anything that caught our attention was going to be SPECIAL, and we are driving around a corner and this bright purple house comes into view, and we are like "!!!!". It got out attention alright. Later, we both look at each other and admit "I like that color more than I thought at first!". Light purple with wasabi green and dark purple accents, that is.
The folks who owned the place before us painted it to match these very iris that just opened up this week. They were renting the house to a couple who planned to buy it. The couple planning to buy the place agreed to the paint samples, but when they saw the house actually painted, they packed up and MOVED OUT and bought a white house down the street. The house sat empty several months, the realtor warned that purple houses lost value and were barely saleable. But it was a brand new paint job. The house as a whole had been stripped head to toe inside, new everything (150 year old house, with new insulation, floors, windows, etcetcetc = NICE). SO, we got the place easily......
Here is a hanging flower pot I made, with a piggy!


Laura said...

Who would not want to live in a purple house?! That is the COOLEST.

Joyful Things said...

I love your purple house! There is a ski resort about 30 minutes from us who might have copied your house's design. Almost every forth house is painted purple. The other colors are pink, yellow, bright blue etc as that is the scheme the resort wanted for any homes built there. The style of the houses are similar to yours. It is Silver Star Resort if you want to google it and see other beautiful purple houses.

Michèle Hastings said...

another cool thing is that when you give people directions to your house it's easy for them to find!

Busy Bee Suz said...

That purple house was meant for both of us. Who would live in a white house?? Oh...never mind.

CiCi said...

Your purple house would have attracted hubby and me too.

Your irises are so tall and strong and pretty.

Unknown said...

Nice story Gary. We love the purple house. I think it's wonderful and fanciful. I love Dr. Suess, you love Dr. Suess, so therefore purple is the choice....:)
Flowers are gorgeous!
I am purple, I am, I am.....

Julia said...

It's much like Pippi Longstockings house, you know, and who wouldn't want to live somewhere unique?

The irises are just lovely, as is the hanging pig planter. Everyone should have a pig in the garden.

Reverend Awesome said...

Lucky for you those people were fools! That purple house was meant for you and Maude! That's for sure.

There is a purple house near us, not nearly as cool as yours.

I don't like those neighborhoods full of beige houses. So depressing. There's no personality! Your house has personality and style.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Clearly, it was meant just for you! (But many of us think it is just as awesome)

The little town of Gold Bar, WA, used to have a number of purple houses, but none of them had wasabi trim.

Susan as Herself said...

I think that house found YOU. :)

Unknown said...

Of COURSE it went with the iris. It had to. The first thing I thought the first time I saw it in a picture was: it reminds me of an iris!!! (my favorite flower)

How perfect is that picture of the iris with the house???? It was meant to be!!!!

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