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Monday, May 9, 2011

Benji and the bombshell Knight in New York (an adventure, part 2 of 3)

SO, like I was hinting yesterday, I was down in NYC---which is easy to see, because I take a lot of pictures of myself, DON'T I????
OK, many of you know KNIGHT, a blogger and singer, and many of you also know my best pal Benji, also a blogger. Ben moved to NY city this month, and we talked of getting together and going out to Roosevelt Island on the wicked fun tram and we met and rode out and I had an email from Knight the other day, she wanted to join us, (she is, in case you were wondering, an absolute sweet and fantastic friend, but like, wicked tall, and then you add the SIX inche high heels...and sure, we can call her a bombshell can't we? and Ben is my old pal from Ithaca, giving NY city a try---he pledges that, like Knight, he can live there and be friendly and sweet natured too) and we all wanted to go to the Jewish Museum later to see the PICASSO, MATISSE etc. exhibit, which rocked our socks, (FREE on Saturdays!!!!), and Julie and Tiffany and Seth wanted to meet and picnic on Roosevelt Island too and of course baby ALEX came along...but baby ALEX is a subject for his OWN post Tuesday...
and later I met my sister-in-laws and we went to Heartland Brewery to DIG the fresh made beers which I adore....yes. NY city is the center of the universe, esp. on a NICE summer day when you meet up with about...what, 8-10 friends and relatives with nothing but fun on the schedule.
---Tune in Tuesday for THE RETURN OF BABY ALEX


Jay said...

I'm insanely jealous that you got to meet Knight. She is 100% pure awesomeness.

Reverend Awesome said...

You and Ben both have some rad shirts. Also, Knight looks like the kind of bad ass I should be friends with. Trekking the city in heels and all. I wouldn't do it, but I applaud her for doing so.

Looks like a whale of a time. And baby Alex is a QT.

Knight said...

It was an amazing day. For anyone that doesn't already know, Gary is just as sweet and awesome in person as he is on the blog.
You got some awesome shots Gary. Thanks for making me take the Tram and go to Roosevelt Island for the first time ever. It was such fun to dangle from a string in a death trap above the East River with you and Benji.

Jay- Come to New York! We spoke very highly of you and think you should come north.

jim said...

amigo, i'm so envious. haven't been to nyc in years and last time it wasn't very much fun... probably because i wasn't hanging out with you!

Julie said...

'Twas fun indeed - and my apologies to Ben and Knight for not saying a proper goodbye - see you all again sure I'm soon! Can't wait for baby Alex pics...

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

It all makes me wish I could head up there for a meet-up! I recognized the tram to Roosevelt Island right away from a previous post.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Everyday with YOU is an adventure Gary!!!

Susan as Herself said...

I miss shopping at Duane Reade. Sometimes I get homesick for NY!

Unknown said...

I watched your interview today! You sounded just like the voice I had already playing in my head for your voice: what fun!

Gordo said...

Cripes, I have to get back down to NYC again. Haven't been since Easter 1990 and my uncle lives in Manhattan!

Excellent pics as always and it looked like you all had a blast.

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