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Monday, May 23, 2011

I am adorable....

Laura named me an adorable blogger, yippee! Of course I am adorable, this blog is adorable. Hers too!
I am to nominate other bloggers as adorable, but let's just say that if you are one of my readers, YOU are adorable.

Now I am to list ten things about me. Can I do it? I am shallow and uncomplicated, I think, so are there ten?

1-I was shocked to notice that the Levi's I wore Saturday were so old they had 'made in USA' printed on the label
2-I baked bread last night--I am experimenting with recipes--I think potters often like baking, so similar to pottery!
3-I have felt a bit weird, I must confess, since giving blood Friday through the double red machine---they told me not to overdo it, and I think Friday and Saturday I overdid it--the weather is so darn nice, but today I am a bit whipped, you know? But what Monday does not feel like MONDAY?
4-I am super shy. I would have a hard time meeting and talking to you. But it happens :) I was just reading that the mystery writer Agatha Christie was too. People surprise you, they may write all these wonderful mysteries about murder and poison etc, as she did, but she was this quiet person....
5-I say I am vegan, but I techincally vegetarian no dairy, eating the occaisional egg or baking with eggs. These categories mean a lot to some people. What it means to me, I s'pose, is that I avoid dairy because it makes me sick, and I do not like meat or fish.
6-I live in an adorable purple house, yes indeedy. I didn't paint it, the last owner did. Will it always be purple? Maybe, maybe not....
7-I am the house husband in this family-not working outside the home, I try to keep the dishes done and the cat box clean, etc. I do not do a good job at these things, but I try....
8-Speaking of purple, under my hair? A big purple birthmark. A very pretty lilac-violet color. Maybe it affects my thinking?
9-I must admit to being a caffeine-a-holic. My day is fueled with buckets of coffee and tea....
10-I did not know I was a beagle person until I got a beagle. They are like that, adorable and full of personality!

Speaking of adorable, I had this nice metal glasses case with an outer leather cover and an inner plastic cover that was coming off. I did some surgery on one of Georges Le Soq old sock cousins and made a new lining for glasses case. Tres adorable, yes?


Knight said...

Very adorable!
You say you are shy but you are also super talkative.

Michèle Hastings said...

of course you are adorable... why else would we come here everyday to read your blog?

kate et jim said...

So Georges is still cross dressing, eh? ;) Cute.

Reverend Awesome said...

We are adorable! I will have to do my adorable post this evening.

Busy Bee Suz said...

You had me at adorable. :)
I love your are such a great guy!!!
Take it know perhaps all that caffeine has replaced your blood!

Joyful Things said...

I would have guessed vegan but I would not have guessed shy. I think its adorable to be shy, and to love your wife and pets so much. that's adorable.

Julia said...

Adorable...and HE CAN SEW!

Kimberly said...

You are adorable Gary!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Maybe not SEW but I can CUT with scissors and I can GLUE with the best of them :)

Unknown said...

Of course you are adorable. Shy? that is just fine with me...George has always been ultra shy, and yes that is adorable to me.
I think you do great job as a "Home God"! Actually you do a damn great job! I love a man who is kind, so way loving to their woman, and spoils the pets. Shows great character and strength.
You are Divine! We love you dearly! :)

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