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Friday, May 20, 2011

BUCKETS of my BLOOD for real!

Well, maybe just a bag. I am O negative, the universal donor, and you KNOW the Red Cross bothers me all the time. Of all the blood types, anybody can take O negative. So, for example, in an ambulance or emergency, when somebody needs a transfusion and the patient's blood type is unknown, they just grab the O negative.

I don't especially like giving blood, who would? The worst of it is the long lines etcetcetc I decided I had enough of that and today became a double red donor. Cancer patients receive double red, I guess, needing something special. For the donor, it means 2 things: NO LINES. They just grab you with a smile and bring you up to the front. They hook you up to a machine. The machine pulls out blood, circulates it, keeps the red cells, then sends back your plasma and stuff plus HAPPY JUICE. Happy juice being some kind of solution that you would get with surgery, I think. Then they suck out some more, circulate it, keep the reds, send back your plasma and more happy juice. Bonus: not only are there no lines to wait in, you can only donate double red half as often as regular blood, and the needle is SMALLER.

Did you see that? They take out blood, and give you stuff back. There they are pumping some tingly stuff into you, YES, TINGLY STUFF! My veins, my lips, my arms, tingly all over with happy juice, I kid you not. Don't feel faint like a regular donation, as long as you don't look at the blood and needles all over the place....


Joyful Things said...

Good for you Gary - there will be happy people out there who need, and get, your blood. As for me - I am B+ Words to live by - Be Positive.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Hooray for Gary! See, you found a way to give AND make it a better experience. :)
I tried to give a few weeks ago but my veins are big chickens and hide. They finally got a needle in me, but then nothing would come out. It's been YEARS since I have been successful. I'm going to have to give it a rest for a year or two and then try again.

gz said...

O positive here.

I pass out when I give a blood sample!!

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