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Saturday, September 18, 2010

TRUE confessions

So me and the wife are walking the dogs a minute ago and have this convo:
She "did your sister have a troll doll?"
me "yeah, she had a troll doll"
she "did she have little kiddles, Heidi, DAWN????"
me "I don't think so, but she did have a Barbie and she had made a nice doll house out of a cardboard box and contact paper. I always went and played with it when she was out"
she "how did your older sister feel about you playing in her room????"
me "she didn't like it, but I didn't care. I would strip Barbie nekkid first"
she "you did what???"
me "sure, didn't every boy? Then I made Barbie into this flying superhero. Strip her nekkid, then make her fly around fighting crime! Didn't every boy?"
she "GAWD! I don't believe it! This little overs3xed 8 year old. It explains a lot"


k.a. barnes said...

Good grief! My brother just tore the heads off my barbies and floated 'em in the fish tank. Or hid them in the seat cushions of the couch.

Michèle Hastings said...

what a trip down memory lane!!! i had a troll doll, kiddles, heidi (and jan) and dawn. i didn't have barbie but i had her friend Francie. my sister had a patty duke doll... we used to borrow my brother's GI Joe (when he was made the same size as barbie) and he would be the husband/boyfriend.
and here is my terrorizing brother day i came home and he had shot all my dolls with a bb-gun. they had holes in their heads and one of them was hard plastic and the bb blew her leg off!
(may i add that he grew up, moved to alaska and became a hunting guide - better choice than a murder).

unmitigated me said...

Tell Maude that I had Little Kiddles, and Dawn dolls! The Kiddles were my favorites!

Unknown said...

Oh Gary, such a funny nut. ;)

Unknown said...

Great blog, love the pix...I didn't play with dolls. I was part of a huge gang of kids in Chicago. We played a game we invented called "Mexican Indians" lol was a very complicated version of RPG similar to Dungeons and Dragons. It was live action role playing. It was so awesome. I remember once when we were out scouting we found a drunken hobo sleeping. We all looked at each other, and decided, no don't do it...we then laughed and used him as a prop. He was so drunk he never did wake up, just kept snoring. One kid took his shoes off, and placed his grandmother's slippers on his lol lol..another kid gave him "warpaint" lol lol...:)

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