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Friday, September 24, 2010

desperately seeking Wendy....

We have a leeeetle mystery here. The phone rings for Wendy Thompson way more than it ever rings for us, collection agencies, banks and such. Yesterday somebody called 6 times--same number, and when I picked up it told me to HOLD. You rang me and want me to hold? The readout said GM credit but when I hit call back the number reached smallmart's bad account service. I said DON'T CALL anymore! She said Wendy Thompson had given this as her number. I said it was mine, never heard of her, and they said they would make the change. Just the latest.....
so today I ask at our tiny village PO--anybody named Wendy Thompson here? Nope! Check the county phone book--no Wendy. I'd like to meet her and say some appropriately loud and insulting things to her....

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Unknown said...

Oh cousin Wendy we adore your bunny cute. By the way Wendy do you remember the $300.00, we borrowed you? I am sorry cousin wonderful, couldn't resist. We love you, but not Wendy she is a "poo poo Head"....:)

Unknown said...

Creepy... Wendy must be a ghosty living in your glaze storage room.... and she has bad credit. ;)

Susan as Herself said...

I get similar calls for someone named Tiffany. About 2-3 times a week someone calls and leaves a LONG message about needing a call back immediately or legal action will be taken. But the return number is only good Mon-Fri 9 to 5 when I am at work so they will never know Tiffany doesn't live there. I just keep deleting the messages. OY VEY.

WendyThompson said...

Hi, I'm sorry about the calls, I'm an International Woman of Mystery, and part of my cover story/legend uses your address.
I didn't realise there were real people there though. I'll try to put Wal-Mart off the trail by speaking in a texan drawl.....


Busy Bee Suz said...

Wendy is not a nice person, I would never do this to you Gary. ;)

We get calls for a Lori for her college loans...Ummmm we have a LAUREN, and she is not in college yet. leave me alone!!!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Those phone calls can be annoying. I get them too-- On my business line but they're calling for my husband looking for donations to various charities! How they got my office number and his name is a mystery but I get at least 10 calls a week.


Love the new work. Great job. jj

Reverend Awesome said...

Wendy needs to start paying her bills! Sheesh.
What do you think Wendy does for a living? I am going to say, truck stop waitress.

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