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Friday, September 24, 2010

a rather odd color and Penny treats Spike like a pork chop....

Well, Spike and Penny are best buddies, and Spike can go anywhere he wants, but he puts up with Penny's exuberant behavior...
below is a bunch of monster mugs, on their way to Manndible Cafe whose logo is, indeed, a mug about to eat the drinker....
Below is this glaze test, holy cats it is MUSTARD! Or curry powder! Supposed to be blue-green! Not sure what I think of it, but it is growing on me...

I was walking to the car after teaching class at Cornell yesterday, YES, tis very pretty on campus and around Ithaca....
and like I say, PORK CHOP


cookingwithgas said...

there is some tasty chopping going on there and fall colors!
I like that color----

debra said...

Glaze surprises are interesting things. I once did a tile that was supposed to be celadon. It was an absolutely gorgeous brown. We have no idea what happened, so it could never be reproduced.

Unknown said...

OOo... that's a nice curry powder cup. I like it. :)

Anonymous said...

Oooh, fall colors AND pets AND pots!

The glazing is gorgeous, although I confess it is not my color choice. But still... great glazing job!

Gordo said...

That glaze is wonderful, Gary! I have no idea what to call it, though. Green curry?

k.a. barnes said...

It looks like chartreuse!
And I love the look on Penny's face. She looks like she just got caught!

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