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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

freakishly hot!

They tell us it will rain later, but mid-80s for the next 3 days, impossible! We had our first frost yesterday morning and I don't mind hot weather. My nose has been all sneezy for like 3 weeks, and I think I earned a scout medal yesterday: getting stuff done with a constantly running nose. Like these suoer good pots above, I am having some fun, seeing where these ideas are headed. Also got a load glazed and the pots are firing now quite happily....

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Mr. Young said...

Hey Gary! Really dig that dark blue glaze on the bottom mug there! Mix it yourself? Could I talk you out of the recipe?

Unknown said...

Oooo... I really dig the blue one with the facets!... and the girly vases are ooo la la. ;)

(P.S. I'm drinking chai from my Gary mug this morning!)

Julia said...

Loving those cows again! Wonderful!

It has been unpleasantly hot here in UT, and windy. Doesn't it know that it is supposed to be fall? Really, I'm sick of living in a desert that refuses to acknowledge it is in the mountains.

If they gave scout medals for working with a runny nose (bent over a wheel, no less), I'm sure you'd have one. Hope your sniffles pass.

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