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Thursday, September 9, 2010

mirth, partying and whatnot

OK, work is going well, lookit teh charming pots here, fresh outta the kiln! But it has been relentless, the demands on my time. No chance for my usual slacking and blogging, eh wot? TODAY is the end, nearly.
a) My MIL blows into town last night for 2-3 days of mirth, partying and whatnot. She is a blast, a great person, and she called me a skinny boy last night (am I?). You would have married her daughter too! We went to Joe's. Joe's is older than my MIL, which is, you know, ahem, old. Although the MIL lives in Kansas, she had grown up in New York and went to college here at Cornell just after WW2. Every Friday her freshman year she and her pals came down to Joe's for what was then NEW in the US: pizza. Joe's is not a pizza joint, it is an Italian place that does have pizza, but anyway, when my MIL went home at Christmas she told her father: "I owe Joe 300 bucks" (what would that be with inflation, 3000 bucks nowadays?) and he told her "you better get a job then". And she did. But as I say, despite living in Kansas, she is thinking of moving to some groovy place like Toronto or Portland. We are like, real estate guide in hand, "MOVE HERE!". NY is a hard sell though, as cheap as property is in Ithaca, because our taxes are famously very high. And up here, our snowdrifts are also famously high. But SHOOT, she loves it here, the weather now is nice, why not...?
b) OK, the other thing here, guests are here, but today is my first day of classes at Cornell. I teach non-credit classes there. I have not yet prepared. WTF are we gonna do? Luckily I keep notes, and I guess we will do what my advanced class always does on day one :)


cm said...

Tell her to come to Hamilton! Cheaper than Toronto, closer to Ithaca.

Lori Buff said...

If she moves to Portland you can go visit her and enjoy that groovy place.

Jay said...

I would love to move to someplace groovy like Toronto or Portland. Or Ithaca. Maybe. haha ;-)

Unknown said...

I think that it would be great if your MIL could move close to you and Maude..everyday party day! However if not, than Portland would be oh so cool..arsty, artsy.
Either way I am sure you will have fun! Love the potter...and love you and great post! :)

Reverend Awesome said...

Hope you had a great first day of school! You'll be great!
Oh I would be such a nervous nelly. The weird crap that would come out of my mouth.

Gordo said...

Definitely not Toronto. Council seems intent on outlawing anything fun or distinctive. Hamilton smells a lot better than it used to. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Have you taken her to the Chapterhouse yet? Hello, it's FRIDAY!

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