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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

how did that get into the house????

(nice pottery eh?)
Yesterday I hear all this racket in the living room and go out and find the 2 dogs all excited and Spike and Emily cats running around with a BIRD. Spike had the bird, Emily was being unhelpful. Spike is chubby and unhungry, so luckily he had not harmed the bird and I took it away without any trouble. He sure acted like the cat that ate the canary though, so pleeeeeeased with himself. Anyway, I set the poor bird on the back porch and it was gasping and trembling. I pet its back and went in. I came back and it wasn't panting and trembling and again I rubbed its back and I was like "CAMERA" and went back for it, at which point Mr Bird took off. I guess he was OK. I have NO idea how it got into the house....

PENNY: still cute :)


Reverend Awesome said...

PENNY! Yes, she's still super cute.
That's so crazy. A bird in the house! My parents cats will catch mice and instead of killing them straight away it's like they torture them and play with them a bit while they are near death. So disturbing.

Unknown said...

Never had a bird in the house. Our dogs would grab it in one second, and that would be that. Our dogs are extremely athletic, and oh so quick as a team.
Spike looks part Lab, so therefore he was doing what comes naturally, Labs are called soft mouthed dogs. Deliberately bred to secure birds in their mouths without crushing them.
Now Penny, that's another story..crunch!

CiCi said...

The bird was bringing fun into the house.

k.a. barnes said...

At least it wasn't a bat, eesh.

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