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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

the power of positive eating....

Golly such dreams. I first dreamt last night that a friend GLEEFULLY and unapologetically murdered her husband...and then I set out across France on a train ride. I loved France, and in the dream was the only time I have visited there, but I woke up a little shaken about the murder part, you know? And YES, the murderess will probably read this post today, but my lips are sealed....

Georges Le Soq and I made American Chop Suey last night, with vegan elements (no meat or dairy). Gosh its tasty. This is what we do:
-saute chopped onion and bell pepper several minutes, then add non-burger for a few minutes, then dump in 2 cans rotel spicy tomatoes and 8 oz tomato sauce, various spices like pepper and garlic, oregano, tabasco, then simmer covered on very low until noodles done
-start water to boil, cook 8 oz. noodles per usual then drain and mix with sauce mixture
-top with your non-dairy cheese
HOLY Cats that is super tasty!

(new items like this piggy for sale at my etsy shop!) Georges was trying to show a double rainbow yesterday but somehow it didn't photograph!


Liz said...

Ok now that sounds really yummy. I am going to try making that this week. I bet it would make great leftovers for kids lunches too. They hate sandwiches after the first few days

Lori Buff said...

Can Georges come here & cook for me?

Reverend Awesome said...

Oh my gosh am I the murderess? I guess I don't have a husband to murder...yet!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Love that photo of Georges.
You are so silly Gary...have a great day!

Land of shimp said...

I laughed out loud, for quite a long time at the concept of gleefully and without apology, murdering ones husband and heading to France.

I think I'll skip tell my husband about that great, big, boisterous guffaw. Yikes. I have no idea why that made me laugh like a lunatic.

Gary, what is the best meat substitute you've found? If you'd just answer in another post, or at some point, I'd appreciate it. The soy ones, last I tried them, were like punishment for bad people (or perhaps husband-murders-turned-France-hoppers).

I like the Piggy, and I thought George was merely gesturing to the power lines. "Let zer be light!" and there was.

Unknown said...

I love Rotel, it's makes anything taste way :) Sounds way so yummy, although I prefer grilled portabella's for meat substitute...not keen on soy! Love the murder mystery dream, lol..I had a dream a few weeks ago that truly could make a sci-fi best seller, way scarey movie! Gives me the shivers! :)
Love the piggy bank it's darling, and so "snouty", perfect! :)

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Wait, it wasn't me was it?!? That would be mean thing to do on his birthday.

Cheryl said...


kate et jim said...

Hummmmm - which husband are we talking about??? ;)

Vicki Wenderlich said...

"non-burger" ...that's a much better name for it than my sister insists upon (she's not vegetarian). She calls it "Feet" for Fake Meat, just to make it sound unappetizing. But she'll eat it anyway!

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