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Friday, June 17, 2011

painting the beagle...

The wife made this movie of me decorating a cup with a painted beagle. Oscar-worthy! Have a great weekend....


Gary's third pottery blog said...

the wife is like "look at your tan!" and I am thinking "FARMER's tan...with a RED neck..."

gz said...


Ever thought of underglaze pencil instead of a brush?

bartster said...

I love how the bold crisp lines make for such expressiveness of the beagle--You make it look easy and I am sure "looks" can be deceiving!

Joyful Things said...

Great smile you put on the beagle.

Busy Bee Suz said...

That is awesome...your drawings remind me of Dr. Suess books. (or whoever did the illustrations for them)

I forgot to tell you cause we have been so busy and crazy but Lo loves the mustache mug!!! It is awesome and we adore the cute magnet too. Thanks a billion.
I should have got a photo of her having her cup of joe in it this morning...but I was still half asleep!

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