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Monday, July 12, 2010

women, men, hawt bodies!

(2 different male body types: compact me, enormous Spike)

The women's mega blog seems to have fizzled out, but I still am on the whole big TOPIC thing. And my BAMF ART BLOG BUNCH group blog of friends is stronger than EVER (check out our heavy metal special!)
Some of my pals turn to ME for all them insights into MEN. That's ME, just a regular guy, able to explain us dudes.

(Thanks Jill, Kerry, Kasey, Christi, Maureen, Lizzie, Becky Jo and why shouldn't Stevo join the fun with the ladies too?)

dear BABB folks, you are the most absolute funny bunch on earth. I hope you don't mind, but: I got another discussion topic:

Please: women and men's body types. What type of men's shapes do you think women, or you specifically, like? For example, Stevo is a very tall and thin runner and I am ....

Hmmm... well... this is *ideal* right? (Just incase you are reading this, my husband, I think you are hot)... OK... So I DON'T like muscle-heads - ew! Wrong! I don't like super-scrawny - because I'd like to feel comfortable on the arm of my man when I am walking in a dark alley. I need to feel like he could take them if he wanted to, but not LOOK like he can take them. I like them right in the middle - average-tall height, athletic, but not too athletic. :)

For the record - I am not found often walking in dark alleys. Just so you know. .

I thought I heard Stevo just say something like "when it comes to women, all body types are perfect, we just want to see you naked". Maybe I misheard, but it sure sounds right to me! .

My own feelings as a young and single person was the only thing I ever noticed in a woman was the smile--really! I have no idea what my ideal women's body type is: curvy, tall, thin, whatever: I think healthy and happy is my choice. .

Becky Jo
Anyway, body types. I would say that I usually go for the underwear model types... !!! Well, wouldn't we all like to date/marry an underwear model?! Like Jill, I'm 100% happy with my darling husband semi-skinny-but-with-some-muscle-and-looks-good-in-a-FedEx-uniform-body-type. It's interesting that you bring this up right now, because an ex of mine just TRIED to friend me on FB and I said NO WAY, but I was morbidly curious and I saw a photo of him at some mud volleyball thing, and my god... the dude is on STEROIDS. So very scary and kinda yucky... I'll pass on Arnold, thankyouverymuch.

Jill, I'm glad you're not walking around in dark alleys. Good call. ;) .

AND as far as what I think is nice in a man's body type, if anybody is asking, is these soccer players. I am not quite in that kind of condition of course, but those guys have this compact body type (I am compact) and are lean, wiry and athletic. It seems really balanced between muscular and thin from running. I used to be a marathoner and I was a stick. I couldn't even do a chin up. THAT WAS a while ago. .

I thought we were talking about body types... If we are talking about what I find appealing in a man... hmmm... that would be a good sense of humor, a great smile, thoughtful, romantic, down to earth, creative.... .

sure sure sure, body types, appealing, its all good: but look at Beckster!!!! She has a thing for those guys in the delivery uniforms! Fed ex colors have got that babysh!t brown polyester company's uniforms BEAT .

Becky Jo
I'm all about the FedEx uniforms... WAY back in the day when Brian was uh... chasing me (?), I had just had all of my wisdom teeth removed at once.. and he showed up at my apartment... on his motorcycle... in his FedEx uniform... with ice cream and flowers. How could I not melt into a big puddle? Now the ongoing joke when he gets home from work includes something naughty in reference to him having a FedEx package for me. (!!!!!!!!!!!) :D .

no gut, please. .

AH, Christi getting to the nub of the matter I see :)
You have to admit, fed ex ALSO has the cute little dog on the trucks :) I am a total sucker for cute little dogs. .


Okay, body types? I don't know if I've really noticed. My ex, whom I dated all through high school, college and just past, was a swimmer & runner and constantly focused on his athletic performance and it got to be an enormous drag. He was in very nice shape, but so obsessed with calories and fat and how many miles he logged that it was a pain in the ass. Hell, let's just go get some ice cream and not be fixated on how many miles you'd have to run to burn it off! In contrast, when Brett & I were first dating, he caught me eating grated parmesan cheese right out of the can in the middle of the night... laughed, and then joined me. That's when I knew he was a keeper.
(BTW- because I'm FB friends with my ex's siblings, his wife was suggested as a friend for me- which made me snort out loud, for a variety of reasons, but especially when I saw the spare tire he's now sporting. Guess we found some time for snacks, eh?) .

Kerry, if he and I weren't both married, I WOULD MARRY your husband too. Brett is the coolest! .

That he is. A couple years back we had some friends from England staying with us. It stretched on longer than we thought, and while they were lovely houseguests, it was a bit much. They finally left on July 4th, so we had our own Independence From the British party. We bought a bag of 50 mahogany clams which we cooked on the grill, and the two of us ate EVERY SINGLE ONE- along with a baguette and at least two sticks of butter. It's a good thing that that walk from downtown up to our house is a real workout or neither of us would be able to move without waddling. .
Kasey Baker July 8 at 2:41am I've dated thin guys, I've dated overweight guys. If you lined up all the men I've dated I don't think you would notice a pattern as far as looks go. Except maybe brown hair? They've all had brown hair.

The only thing I ask is that their weight isn't an issue for them. I don't want a guy that's all in a tizzy about putting on a few lbs. or feels like a weakling cuz he's thin. Life is too short to be obsessed with your weight. And if someone is obsessed with their own weight you know god damn well they'd be obsessed with mine and I don't need it.

Scott used to be super thin in high school. He was a runner. Fastest guy in the state, look him up! Anyways, he doesn't run now. He's just a normal sized person, not at all obsessed with weight. We love eating things! Crappy things from time to time and we never sit and think about how we shouldn't have eaten a pan of brownies. What fun is eating a pan of brownies if you feel guilty afterwards?

All I ask is for is a sense of humor and someone that gets my sense of humor. That is the most important thing. I guess I have a weakness for writers. I swoon over clever sentences. I'm veering off track here. I can't say anything physical I go for in guys. Honestly.
I guess I like dark hair. .

To me my George's body is absolutely perfect! :) Not kidding! I absolutely have a real turn off for the thick necked, gorilla type. I like a man whose body says, "Hey I have evolved", maybe not mentally, but physically. I no longer need to run down mammoths, stab them to death, and go UG GOOD! lol lol I woundn't be into the dragging me by the hair and having their way with me either, just for a hunk of raw meat! lol lol Although I know a few woman who do that! lol lol lol NAW NOT ME. Besides, those type of men attract Bimbos! Don't want a bevy of them thanks! I would push the man at them, and say, "Here have at it!"!
Pretty boys remind me of that shallow, dreadful game, Mystery Date...OH GOD SAVE....! :) Pretty Boys spell BORING to me!
I like the average, all around, utility models. :) You know good for being there if I need it, but not in a flaunting way. Kinda of like today's SUV's...pretty much good for anything! lol lol lol..) Not too speedy, bad around curves (especially other womans), high enough for me to look up to, and a great set of tires....with a lot of traction! As far as paint job, weill that depends, not too fond of yellow, kinda looks jaundice to me! lol lol lol....:) Oh an a good horn for lol lol...:) .

Maureen! What a great description! LOVE IT! hahahahahahaha! .

Although I wish George came with a CD/DVD lol...that would be lol lol...! :) .

Trying shoving a CD in somewhere. See what happens. Maybe he DOES come with a CD player! .

MMMM wonder if I could do that, have to wait till he is asleep though, he is too wiggly...! lol lol lol...:) .

I bet he sings! Or makes some kind of noise someone somewhere might think is music! .

Becky Jo
My husband sings..... The Humpty Dance... he knows every word. ;) .

Now that is something to think about Kerry, his snoring does have a melodic sound to it lol lol...:) Especially when his allergies are acting up, sort of a tweet, whistle sound! :) lol .
Maybe he is dreaming he is a "Magical Flute"! lol lol lol..:) or the "Flute that could toot"! lol lol Uh OH no that is another area after chili or lol lol..:) .
Becky, love the "Humpty Dance" lol lol...George does the "Humpty Dance"...but I think that is different! lol lol lol...:) .

oh my, what I miss when i put in a full day of work away from so here is my dream type, can't help it, .lol ok no mocking, I get enough of that from my
Oh boy... Becky's husband had "Humpty Dance" blaring outside at her house. LOL! .

I agree with you guys about the rockers - I just did a post on my blog about my celebrity crushes, although I don't think body type came into play. Musical ability, talent, kindness, humor- that's what I like about 'em. And cute faces. ;) .

I too know all the words to the Humpty Dance.
My favorite part to karaoke is at the end, when you call for white people, Puerto Ricans, black people and Samoans to do the humpty hump. The crowds love it. .

Yeah, My celebrity crushes are all unlike anyone I have ever dated, as an adult. But scarily enough I had a recent eureka moment, when my daughter India was going through my old highschool yearbooks, turns out, the boys I dated then, were little skatepunk, rockers, and edgy. all turned out to be valuable members of society. yet when I grew up dated, married and bred with the acceptable sort that your mom would like, he turned out to be a less than stellar example of humanity. I should maybe have stuck to the punk .

I think the punkers had the right idea. They always seemed more authentic than the preppy boys & athletes I knew and unfortunately dated. Punks & geeks, that's the way to go :) .

I agree wholeheartedly. but to find a forty year old punk rocker..... hmmm... .
Rebecca Brandow July 8 at 5:20am Lizzy, Gary probably knows a few. :) .

But Some punk rockers never grow up and then run off to Portland to live in a house with a bunch of other punk rockers as if they are 18 forever. Nicest guy in teh world, still the nicest guy, just never ready to grow up. We dated for 3 years and when it got time to MAYBE move in together, off he went to the coast. Where he still is.
And other punk rock boyfriend had a baby with a stripper and is addicted to pills and methadone.
Both still very nice and good friends, just not it.
Geeks are the way to go. .

Becky Jo! ....he probably does, but soo far away.... .

Geeks are great. I married one :) (and am one) .

Lol love Geeks are great! :) I will take a Geek any day! It won't be believable to some, but George and I are kinda Geekie and glad for it. When you live around scarey, real deal, rednecks you appreciate the finer things in Geeks. lol lol :) Wow, I could tell some stories about Rednecks...! :) .

Beckster, the single guys I know are either hobos or Bobby who may be the handsomist man on earth...and it seems a lot of women know that he is the handsomist man on earth. Lizzie, I have no suggestions for you, sorry! .

lol, not really lookin that hard!!! where would I fit a man into my life anyway! .

Lizzie: rule number one, watch out for the hobos. .

You know what was a real a-ha moment for me? When I watched Reality Bites as an adult and realized what a fucking a$$hole Troy Dyer was. God dammit. Why did I crush on him so hard as a teen? Then I googled "Troy Dyer is a dick". (Google is where I turn to when I have all of my a-ha moments.) I found I was not alone. I found this.
And now I watch and Ben Stiller is just so dorky and sweet and wants to help Lelaina realize her dream. It comes to bite him in the ass, but it totally wasn't his fault. I mean, he collects action figures. That's basically what I'm getting at here.

aha!!! I think most of my punks were also geeks.... Is that possible??? .

It is. That's me! .

Wow, this is all the research that goes on for Gary's articles. My head is spinning.

As far as women are concerned, it's difficult for me to say. Somehow I think a body type can demonstrate intelligence. (but it must include social intelligence, confidence, and kindness) I think it can be seen in how the person carry's themselves. I find that very attractive. I guess I just described my wife Judy.
As far as women are concerned, it's difficult for me to say. Somehow I think a body type can demonstrate intelligence. (but it must include social intelligence, confidence, and kindness) I think it can be seen in how the person carry's themselves. I find that very attractive. I guess I just described Judy. .
Steven- that is just lovely. I hope Judy gets to read it! .


@Stevo Aww! That's what people hope someone is saying about them. That's so sweet. .


jim said...

amigo... i had no idea how big spike is. i guess i didn't notice when i met spike.

Cheryl said...

I loved this! I almost didn't want to ask my now hubby out because he wore WHITE SOCKS with SHORT SHORTS when walking at the Y BUT I gave it a go and we eloped to Antiqua 9 months after we met and he wears cool shorts now and tevas. And we match bodily shape-wise now too..but as the saying goes...more to love!

Reverend Awesome said...

These are loads of fun. I love being on the panel.

George and Maureen Johnson said...

Oh Gary, really love this panel...what fun! Love all the honesty, lol lol lol....we can rarely do that anymore! lol lol lol...:) Thanks so much, and love being part of it! WE ALL ROCK FOR SURE!

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