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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

chunky Chuck

We have this huge wood chuck named Chuck living around our yard this summer. He is pretty shy, but I love him. He is so chubby, yet runs so fast!
OK, my finger? Yesterday my neighbor the field biologist is telling me about butterflies and their adaptation to milk weed or something and he pulls out a knife and wants to disect a leaf for my edification and I don't want to hold the leaf but he tells me to hold the leaf and promptly disects my finger....shoot! The whole thing was soooo darn stupid, and now you know the story. If somebody ever wants to chop something, tell them to hold it themselves. I should know better. (finger will be fine)
This morning the wife tells me I was asleep late last night with Spike and Penny and we all looked cute and she took photos...


barb jensen said...

Hey there, I haven't stopped by for awhile. Out of memory?!!! You mean one can actually run out??? EEK!
Also, did you get a new camera? Your pics are fantastic; I love the green glaze.

Cheryl said...

You all look angelic sleeping....!! Love chunky Chuck.

jim said...

amigo... love the brown teapot and cups in the previous post and the cat box with the dog pics on it. i was looking for pictures of the wound but you didn't post yet?

Jill A. Brown said...

I love the kitty in the doggy box... LOL!!

TechnoBabe said...

Oh what a great sleeping box for the cat. If I were a cat I would like that special decorated box/bed.

Christi said...

I'm reminded of the scene in the Royal Tennenbaums where Margot gets her finger cut off.."here Sister Margaret, hold that big chunk of hickory right here..."

Reb said...

Love that green and the elephant. Chuck is trying to figure out why there is a fence between him and that delicious looking tree.

Reverend Awesome said...

Excellent photo, Maude!!
That's the coolest cat bed ever. So ironic.

cindy shake said...

The Teapots (I love the Green!), The Cat Box (Love the art) and CHUCK! GREAT pictures -at first when you were describing Chuck it sounded like you were describing me... a bit chubby but can run really fast... :o)

Pauline said...

Nice teapots and that cat box is soo cool, did you paint it?

k.a. barnes said...


George and Maureen Johnson said...

Everything is cool about this blog...great photos! Love it!

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