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Monday, July 12, 2010

Kerry Berry comes OVAH....

I have known Kerry and her husband Brett for a few years. Bumped into them here and there, and I realized this spring that the 2 of them are so SYMPATICO with us that its like we are all quadruplets seperated at birth! Shoot, these guys are wacky, just like us!
Kerry actually knew our beagle Penny before we did, as she worked at the SPCA and so they are old buddies. Penny always wants to kiss Kerry and get the belly rubs...
ANYWAY, yesterday we are like
"Kerry, Maude is going to pick the berries, wanna come?" and Kerry is up for the berry picking and is like
"righto! I wanted to go all week and here you guys invite me! There is this PSYCHIC CONNECTION!!!!" and we are like "YES! Andbeers after!" and she is like "you know it!" and so Kerry puts on her farm girl outfit and those two picked a zillion berries while I slacked at home....and then, of course, happy hour with her traveling monster toys...


Becky Jo said...


Reverend Awesome said...

Oh my gosh. Isn't Kerry just so cute? Such a mischievous look on her face! I wish I could've been there!! You guys are teh bestest.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Penny thinks everyone is coming to visit her.
they just might be. :)

George and Maureen Johnson said...

Oh gosh, love Kerry....she is so cute! and what a lovely person...yeah for Kerry! :) and Yeah for fun together!

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