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Sunday, July 4, 2010

le birthday!

My rotten french sock monkey is like
"ees birthday of America, we celebrate" and I am worried about what that might mean until Georges Le Soq grabs the penguin and goes to the cupboard
"mon ami, we celebrate with vodka martinis--- mine ees perfect. Ees 1/3 oz vermouth, 1 and 2/3 oz vodka shaken over ice, then let sit a few minutes. Strain onto 3 olives. le delicious!"
And they are.
Our chubby kitten Emily turns 16 today. She is an OLD cat, but healthy and happy, still cross eyed, still dumb as a post, still super sweet and cuddly.


Reverend Awesome said...

Happy Birthday, Ms. Emily. I always enjoy your messages.

Jill A. Brown said...


Happy b-day pretty kitty. :)

Becky Jo said...

Happy Birthday, Emily Kitten! :)

Emily SIL said...

Happy birthday to my mischievous little namesake.

k.a. barnes said...

Happy birthday, Emily!! And YUM vodka martinis- my favorite drink! (Besides beer.) Georges, are you available for hire??

k.a. barnes said...

Happy birthday, Emily! And yum- vodka martinis! My favorite drink (besides beer). Georges, are you available for hire??

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