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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


(wee frog vases by Gary Rith)

(Thanks Jill, Kerry, Kasey, Christi, Maureen, Lizzie, Becky Jo and why shouldn't Stevo join the fun with the ladies too?)

TOPIC please, your in-law stories! Any you can share in public, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, mother or father, whatevs. I for one have 2 really nice sister in laws and a BAMF Mother-in-law. I bet Stevo would say the same :) .

most of my inlaws stories are too absolutely horrid to go public with, but I will try and think on it
Lizzie, I remember the whole mother-in-law marries the PRIEST thing.... .
I think lingerie was involved as well... .

that's nuthin... .
My mother in law and Ex broke into my house and stole all the art off the walls .
and locked out the babysitter and kids .

LIZZIE! I had a cousin get married to a Russian mobster. At the wedding he was outside having a smoke, and I thought I liked him until he told me he only married my cousin for the year, to get a residency permit. SHE DID NOT know that. IT WAS HORRIBLE to hear that, at the wedding! He was soon arrested for various stupid crimes including breaking and entering, being an illegal, and assault, so he ran to Canada. Who shipped him back when he was arrested for burglary there, and he was in prison awaiting trial on 9/11 and the feds stopped messing around and deported him to moscow.

Oy vey! You make my depression-era in-laws sound downright quaint! My only complaints with them is that my MIL likes to give us stuff they would've thrown away because I "like old things." They were horrified when they found out how much we paid for our house-- because they were comparing it to what they paid for their house in 1954. With my FIL's 1954 salary (MIL didn't work) as comparison. Tried to explain percentages of income and that BOTH of us work and inflation since the 50s and that it was actually quite reasonable for the house & property we have. My MIL still suggests ways we can make some extra money- like harvesting the junk bamboo that litters the edges of our property- or selling the stuff they give us that they otherwise would've thrown out.

Okay everyone, don't think I am horrid, but I adored my in-laws, Georges Mother and Father were the greatest..miss them dearly. George hated his father, I didn't, nor did our daughter. She thought Grandpa Johnson was the greatest. lol lol lol George's Dad was a TV repair man. His Mother was the most darling, loving, dearest soul. My Mother loved George with her whole heart, never having a son herself, she adored my husband. The only psycho was my Step Father...really psycho.
George's parents were exactely like Edith and Archie Bunker. I laughed at absolutely everything he said, Gary you would of adored him also...a scream a minute. AND NEVER POLITICALLY CORRECT..EVER! George just hated him, couldn't figure out why! Neither could his Dad, okay he did have nicknames for everyone on the planet, but if you couldn't laugh at them, sorry, your just a tight ass lol lol..! His nickname for me was, "Bubbles Le Rue"! lol lol...I asked him once, "Who is that some old hooker you knew"...he screamed in laughter and said, "No, it's just your so G-damn bubbly, and funny all the time"! lol lol lol...I used to laugh how George's Mom would so sweetly, softly complain, and say, "George, now that is not very nice"! BWAAA HAAAA Oh and George's Dad was named George also...I have a million funny stories of those two....I ADORED THEM BOTH! :) When anyone entered their home, you would just sit back, relax, and feel like you were in the warmest, most comforting place....OMG this just brings back some of the funniest, most wonderful times in my life. OH HOW I MISS THEM ALL SO MUCH! :)

Once George's Mother was bending over to get something out of the oven, her polyester pants fell down...bwaa haaa...George's Dad made this funny face and said, "Wow looks like we are going to have a candelight dinner by the "Full Moon"! lol lol...bwaaa haaa...! lol lol lol...:)

I think weddings make people crazy. They get so caught up in the details-- it's like prom on crystal meth. Sort of a temporary insanity.
Actually, that's how I kept my folks on a leash for my wedding. I'd spent years threatening that if I ever got married, I'd just run off to Vegas and elope. After we got engaged and my parents would start getting pushy about stuff, I'd just sort of mutter, "Hmm, you know, Vegas ..." and they'd hush right up. Or if one of them started in on something, the other would elbow him/her and say, "Shh! Paul/Nan! Remember- Vegas!" Worked like a charm.

George and I had the bestest wedding in the world...:) As you saw from our wa sort of like a "Punk" wedding, before Punk. Loads of laughs. We had to elope with his Mom and my Mom because we were lol lol...:) We could only find one hotel room available because it was the "Worlds Series" that year in St. lol lol...After our wedding we went to a Truck Stop for dinner. When we told the owner he had a wedding party...OMG...he loved it! :) He went out and even purchase a bottle of wine for our lol lol...:) It was so fun, and all the truckers and everyone thought that was so cool...the owner treated us like a Prince and Princess! IT WAS THE BEST! ) Just pure fun! Our entire wedding cost was $15.00 back gas to go to lol lol...:) gas was only 0.35 a gallon...! lol :) Love all of you!

"Weddings are prom on crystal meth." Brilliant, Kerry. All I can say is I've been a bridesmaid FIVE times, and a flower girl once (as an adorable wee kiddie), and I have some big theories about eloping.

Even if you elope, you still have in-laws :)


k.a. barnes said...

I should add that my in-laws are very sweet little people. (Scratch that, not real "little people.") And my mother-in-law makes the world's best strawberry-rhubarb pie.

George and Maureen Johnson said...

I love this post..what great fun! I noticed though, since I am old now, I talk more about the past than the future! MMMMMM That is not a good lol lol...Oh well, we are our memories, what else! I think it's great! Love it!

St Louis Weddings said...

Punk wedding - before the punk! That's awesome!

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