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Friday, November 27, 2015

little carved cat meets CAT

Thanksgiving day was busy....I only got a few new pieces done, with a little cleaning and some dog and cat babysitting.  Today is open studio here...a very small and quiet thing, really, as I only invite friends and customers, NOT the public as a whole.  THAT makes me nervous (vanloads of troubled kids from the reform school, for example...yes! really!) What  I like about a quiet open studio is getting to chat with the visitors, explaining and SHOWING what I am working on, and getting a LOT done.

YOU could visit my etsy shoppe and pretend you are at my open studio! Open up your wallet and spend freely!

Had wild dreams last night:  in one, we had a super intelligent rabbit for a pet named Jameson, or simply Jamie.  He could talk.  He looked like a bunny, but was really a person trapped in a bunny body, and we had discovered it.  In another dream, I had 2 girls asking me out to prom when REALLY  I wanted to go out with somebody else entirely and I was trying to be polite to be a popular high school boy, who knew?

In other news, I got this little cat sculpture out of the kiln and showed it to the cat who tasted it and dumped it on the dog's head.....


smalltownme said...

Oh, Spike! Naughty kitty!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Oh, SPIKE! You are your own hardest critic. Or perhaps you merely wish to bop the dog on the head? Either way, it was a lovely likeness and I hope Gary makes more of them!

Barbara Rogers said...

Spike has it right, more sculptures of cats are needed now...some for cat toys, some for those people who are cat lovers~!

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