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Saturday, November 21, 2015

fur drop

The cat will be sitting there sometimes like a...well, blob, and the wife will say say he is a "fur drop" makes sense if you are thinking something like 'drop cookies" or "The Carolina Chocolate Drops".  Basically, he looks like a Hershey's kiss.

SO, as I was explaining to a customer yesterday "I hadn't made a little cat sculpture like this in years....make a Hershey's kiss, add ears, tail, nose, HUZZAH! A fat easy..."
"Did you make a lot of them?"
"I intended to, but I got bored and only made the one, promising myself I would make more later, but I never did..."


Barbara Rogers said...

Me too, only a very few cats over the years.

smartcat said...

Oh fur cute! I make mice and penguins this way, never thought of cats!

bartster said...

Lots of possibilities....there's always an abundance of ideas to pursue, isn't there?

smalltownme said...

So you could make a fur drop and put it on the double bowls and voila!

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