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Saturday, November 7, 2015

in order to knit you need a cat...

You will recall my ambition to knit a penguin (and others! dog, cat...?) tea cozy.  Tea cozy being a coat for a teapot.  Or a sweater, really, to keep it warm between pours.  OK, really, just a silly damn thing that looks cute...on a cute teapot.

I was an intrepid knitter in the 80s.  I made up patterns and then made them a sweater for a girlfriend that had multi-color leaping swordfish on it.  And the pillow on the couch here with the dog and me--that was the last sweater I ever worked on, but stopped and never restarted, as you know, and the wife turned what was completed into this awesome pillow.

But, you know, that sh!t was all nearly 25 years ago! You will recall 2 weeks ago I began knitting again.  It has not been going well.  I am, as ever, an impatient dude....I pulled out my first efforts at a scarf and wound up the yarn in a huff.  I kept forgetting what stitch I was doing and what came next, plus I was KNITTING ON THE POINTS, apparently, according to my instructor (my wife!) which made it damn hard to do anything.

OK, who cares about that would-be scarf.  I found a scarf on the sidewalk this week.  It had sat there since Halloween.  It is a very pretty handmade item in an unfortunate avocado-acid green color.  But the pattern is simple yet inspiring. Therefore  I am inspired to begin my scarf again. The dog and cat are on board....
in other news, you will notice that the wife's cardigan is coming along swimmingly....


Barbara Rogers said...

All that yarn just spinning away on needles into clothes! Good for you'all. Cats are great help as long as they don't chase the ball of yarn, or eat through it just for the fun of it!

Michèle Hastings said...

You two are so industrious! Glad that cat is there to help.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Wow! You two are amazing. Can't wait to see the finished products. :) Love that your critters keep you company while doing your craft.

knittergran said...

You are lucky to have an in-house tutor!

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