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Monday, November 16, 2015

"if you start to look like your passport photo..."

"If you start to look like your passport photo it is time to go home..." (Erma Bombeck I think...)

Pretty funny and yet so TRUE.  Why do these things make you look so ghastly?
I got the passport photo done ten years ago...a different time and place and me! For example, that photo took 3o minutes to be developed by the photo shop. NEITHER of which is common anymore!  And I look so damn GREEN in that picture.  I look better ten years later.....  I was trying to look NEUTRAL but think I look a little, maybe, surprised.  You should see the wife's picture--yesterday she looked like she had just stepped out of the clothes dryer and somebody used a flashbulb to announce a surprise party...but she was wicked cute ten years ago. Wait, I should clarify--she is STILL wicked cute in real life, of course....

Ten years ago when we had that done we were also in New Hampshire just beginning to ready our house for sale to move here...a LIFETIME ago.  I should write all kinds of notes inside my new passport about what life is like now, as a kind of letter to self, a time capsule....golly, I think I will....

Yesterday I was doing what the busy potter does sometimes on a Sunday afternoon during the holiday shopping season and he is EXHAUSTED.  Why YES, that is me under there that the wife captured in a photo....


Lori Buff said...

Funny that you have a passport when you don't like to travel..

Naps are highly important, especially when you're busy.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Up until recently I traveled a LOT, esp. to Canada many times, which is why this was needed. I do not expect to go anywhere for the rest of my life ;) BUT it is so easy to renew a passport but so difficult to start from scratch, and it makes good ID.

Michèle Hastings said...

When you live up north, a trip to Canada is so do-able! Good idea to keep your passport up to date... you never know what opportunities might come up at the last minute.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

I have nap envy. Yesterday I was traveling all day but no place exotic enough to warrent the use of the passport. It is exhausting though.

smalltownme said...

Do you have a Dorian Gray portrait in the closet?

Anonymous said...

We just sent out our paperwork. We look ghastly in our photos, like zombie versions. Of course, it didn't help that two of my kids had black-ish eyes (no, they didn't get in a fistfight with each other).

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