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Sunday, November 8, 2015

is it childish to howl like your beagle...?

Or foolish or ridiculous????

I was in Cooperstown Saturday delivering boxes of pots to the Cooperstown Art Association holiday show for members.  I show in the retail gallery year round, but then in November and December they clear out the large exhibition space for a massive 2 month craft fair...and I don't even have to be there :) I wanted to get photos of this loveliness...and didn't remember to get any pictures until I had nearly driven out of town.  Therefore: selfie with WELCOME TO COOPERSTOWN.  Golly I love that place, such a gorgeous town, mountains, lake, people.

OK, so I got home?  And I don't think I have ever loved a creature as much as I love my beagle.   Upon my return, we shared a few minutes of howling together...really! It is VERY loud, but utterly comical..... (in case you didn't know, beagles are pretty much the loudest of all dogs, and when Penny is happy, she can make a racket....or even when she is upset, or anytime at all, but WHAT a welcome home it is :)


smartcat said...

Howl away! Penny looks like she is enjoying the company!

Barbara Rogers said...

I thought I heard you'all howling in the wind!

Michèle Hastings said...

You two are such good friends :-)

smalltownme said...

We meow with the cats, so howling with your beagle is perfectly fine.

Hilary said...

This is where we need video. Too cute.

JB said...

Im sure she loved you singing her song. What fun.

knittergran said...

Not childish! Fun, it looks like!

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Roo Roo Rooooooooo!

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