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Monday, November 2, 2015

All Soul's Day...

(new pottery with grapes by Gary Rith)

As a Quaker, we follow the idea that no space is any more sacred than any other, and that no day is more sacred than another.  Quakers even went so far as to name the days with numbers (Sunday became First Day, etc).  SO, we have no churches, just meeting houses, and we have no holidays, sort of, because of course we are from Christian roots living in a Christmas obsessed society.  Meaning, there may be quiet and simple words said on Christmas or Easter.  But that is mostly it. (I swear, though, that we KNOW how to have fun, dammit, and we don't wear stupid old black hats either...)

SO, mention was made in meeting yesterday of All Saint's Day, and I was a little vague on what that means.  And the wife was talking about All Soul's Day (which is TODAY)...all of which is preceded by All Hallow's Eve, which has something to do with candy and costumes.  An outsider trying to understand Christianity could become confused, right? BUT ANYWAY....

All Soul's Day celebrates the departed in one's life.  Somehow or other I have nearly reached 50 without ever been to a funeral or memorial service (and just a handful of weddings).  But not many people I know closely have passed away.  But my pets have.

OK, so here is the strange and wonderful dream I had last night, which is closely connected to All Soul's Day:  I dreamt it was an ordinary day, and realized that my first cat Sammy was with us in the house...or the ghost or spirit of, anyhow....and slowly, like the ghosts of baseball players in FIELD OF DREAMS, the spirits of all the pets I have had came to see us, filling the house.  Penny and Spike, as a dog and cat might, accepted this as normal and ordinary, but for us it was wonderful :)


Michèle Hastings said...

That's an awesome dream! I have often dreamed of past pets, but never all of them in one night.

Hilary said...

What a wonderful dream. That's a true gift. I like your white pottery. I so used to seeing wonderful colours from you but the white looks so fresh.

Karen Jensen said...

Our beloveds who went before--call them saints or souls, they remain with us the length of our days (and nights).

smalltownme said...

Cool dream, and beautiful pottery.

bartster said...

What a timely dream for all souls' day.

Like Hilary, I find the white has a fresh look and compliments the lines and forms of the pots; perhaps this speaks to things being elegant in their uncomplicated simplicity (a good thing).

Lori Buff said...

Sometimes my deceased pets list me in dreams, it always makes me feel good. I hope it did the same for you.

Barbara Rogers said...

Great visit of pet's spirits...glad to hear you welcomed them all! Of course. I also am a big fan of your grape design. Very classic!

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