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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

morning glory pitchers....

You have now seen my try white on the outside, red on the inside pieces a few times, I LOVE it.  I painted on some morning glories here, their pink matches, as does the green--the white over red makes pretty light green color, bonus!
I wondered if red mixed with white would give a pretty light green color, but it gave a purple-lilac color.  Funny how the overlap is green....anyone who knows glazes will undersatnd they are just so dang MYSTERIOUS in how they act :)


Lori Buff said...

I’m always telling students about this phenomenon, how in glaze chemistry black and white do not always make grey and why. That’s why we have to experiment and why opening the kiln can often be a surprise.

Sylvia said...


Barbara Rogers said...

And not only potters...pottery lovers really go for those strange glaze mixes!

smalltownme said...

Those are beautiful.

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