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Saturday, November 28, 2015


Was it the photo of a Syrian mother by traintracks in Greece sheltering her children with a plastic tarp that made me dream it?  I don't know  of many things more miserable than that image, people cold and wet, far from home, trying to have hope and find a better life.  Or a life free from danger, anyway. They must be fleeing something terrible (well, the war in Syria, obviously) to face such an uncertain fate in another country.

Anyway, my dream just now featured the wife and I living and working in NY city, and we were happy.  BUT we lived in a tent and kept our food in a cooler...the working poor who can't afford rent.  We were so happy together, but it was getting cold and winter was coming and a real feeling of worry and dread was settling in. I woke up pretty happy to be warm, dry, in my house, whew.

In other news, this is my blue hound double dish for condiments! Cute, eh?


Barbara Rogers said...

Oh how cute! I'm sure grateful for a nice house too.

Anonymous said...

The news about those poor refugees moves me to tears. We're toning down our holidays yet another notch so we can donate more to an organization helping them on the front lines.

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