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Thursday, May 8, 2014

open sesame!

There is a restaurant we had liked a great deal, small and elegant yet informal, that had a fire nearly 2 years ago (click here).  The sign is still up, their neighbor reopened, but they have not.  We think they might reopen, but who knows? It was run by a family and a loveable place.

I love pad Thai and I love peanut noodles, but they had available either as a small appetizer or entree SESAME NOODLES.  It was a special thing, going there for those.
I never had any idea how easy sesame noodles are, basically peanut noodles made with tahini (sesame paste) rather than peanut butter, DUH!  Eaten cold or warm, not hot, what could be more perfect for spring???? With spring veggies, or whatever you have around!
Buzzfeed has links to 7 easy recipes every week.  I always groan when I see it, since I have stacks and stacks of recipes stuck to the fridge, waiting to try! But I always look, and I always find GEMS.  But this week's gem.... easy sesame noodles!!!! (click here) They use raw snow peas and green onion, I used some steamed carrot, edamame and spinach and tempeh instead, but HOT DAMN if that is not the tastiest thing you have ever tasted, this EXACT easy recipe... I am surprised.. I may toss out all my peanut noodle recipes!
(if Blue Stone can reopen, we will not take it for granted and make it our favorite once again :)

In other news, I was finishing a number of bowls and other things Wednesday (before goofing off all afternoon and hiking with the beagle, HOLY CATS it was a pretty day, although I dreamt of snow all night).. anyway, I have a fair this weekend, my first of the year! So I am gathering stuff together, like bowls.  I have these stacks of bowls around... mmm, yummy, just love a stack of bowls, right?  Sorta super sexy in their abundant and numerous curves....
have an awesome Thursday!


Lori Buff said...

The noodles sound good, I hope the restaurant can reopen.
I love the bowls.

smartcat said...

Bowlies! Never enough!
True story: We were buying plants yesterday and I overheard a customer anxiously asking the nursury owner, "It's not supposed to snow soon is it?"

Barbara Rogers said...

you are too sexy for your bowls...or something like that!

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Sesame noodles! Exactly what I was looking for to go with some grilled fish for dinner. Thanks!

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