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Friday, May 30, 2014

freestyle Friday...

Let me say first, you would NEVER see me walk onto a glass panel 103 stories above earth...or even on the second story.... I mean, I DREAM about being scared of climbing heights! ***
Of course, you will remember that, like Charlie Brown, I am afraid of everything.... ;)
Lucy Van PeltDo you think you have pantophobia? 
Charlie Brown: What's pantophobia? 
Lucy Van Pelt: The fear of everything. 
Charlie Brown: THAT'S IT! 

ANYWAYS, so yesterday, as you can see, I was out and about on a dog walk job with Nook..and brought Penny.
You will not be surprised to hear that I get emails and phone calls "how is PENNY?" and bump into people on the street who rub her belly and notice she is doing quite well, thank you, a week after major surgery...biopsy results soon, I think....

SO, my weekend, you ask?  I am involved in a new store opening next week AND I am featured artist at another and a person with pantophobia is like "OH GOD I think I wanna hide under the covers with my cute beagle and hiiiiiiiiiide!!!!!!!".
But no.  The proper response is to make a boatload of mugs and vases and sculptures HOT DAMN things in the studio are busy :)

***speaking of dreams and night, GOOD GOLLY I cannot stand the new single by Saint Vincent, BIRTH IN REVERSE, but the fukking thing IS catchy and you find it bouncing around in your brain at midnight when you get up to pee...ARGH!

So, how about you, any interesting things going on for ya this weekend and week upcoming?


Michèle Hastings said...

You are a busy guy!
That is one beautiful house and bush that you are standing in front of. You have such pleasant places to walk your dogs.

Barbara Rogers said...

You must be strong...look at those muscles holding the leashes, and just imagine making those mugs and pitchers and whatever in clay! Yay!

Lori Buff said...

Congratulations on being the featured artists. Very cool.

Thanks for the update on Penny, I hope she continues to improve quickly.

smalltownme said...

My son (the one you met!) is graduating high school this weekend!

smartcat said...

Looks like you have your hands full with Penny and Nook. Toes crossed for Penny.

Glennis said...

that's the house we lived in when we were in Ithaca! Right next to the creek, right?

Yay, Gary!

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