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Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Strangely, considering what I posted yesterday:
  if there is a bit of a DUMP from the universe, help comes from all corners, here, friends, relatives.  It is like "our barn burned down and here are all the neighbors with pies and potato salad, hammers and boards to help us build another!".  Thanks for your support here, it is most surprising and welcome, nothing is changed or better but we DO have a feeling of resolve and I bet things look good by the end of the week :)


cookingwithgas said...

Life hands you the good and the bad you just learn to roll with it. When really all you want to do is hid under the bed.
The only good thing about bad is it makes the good even sweeter.

smartcat said...

Still thinking of you.

Barbara Rogers said...

May your day be one of baby steps, not expecting much, and not trying too hard. And see how you get through things that way...that works sometimes when I can't stay under the bed, er covers. (Cat think coming through)

k.a. barnes said...

Most seriously- do not hesitate to call on us for anything- whatever you need to get you through. xoxo

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Absolutely. You have friends near and far willing and ready to help. I'll bring the bourbon. :)

Lori Buff said...

I wish we were closer geographically so I could bring over the casseroles and hammers and bourbon but if I can help in any way at all just let me know.

smalltownme said...

Hang in there!

Busy Bee Suz said...

All the best for your family; keep us posted Gary.

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