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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

when the INTERNET rules your life... and improves it :)

I was talking with JP last night "I made avocado pizza! I never knew there was such a thing or that I would love it so.  Until my neighbors posted pics of avocado pizza on facebook..."
and I go on to marvel at the wonder of seeing something new online and loving it passionately that same day...

OK, so I see those pics and yesterday look up avocado pizza with pesto, because my basil plant is looking a bit bushy and who doesn't love pesto pizza? I come across this SUPERB recipe with artichokes, spinach and pesto topped with avocado...a lovely all green pizza! (click here for recipe)

(You add the avocado after the pizza bakes, and since the wife and I were saving half we only topped half in the pic below).

In other news ANOTHER neighbor gives me ANOTHER new thing...dates!  I have never had dates before and WHY NOT?  They are wicked delicious...and I find they are good for baking too, as in, using some elderly bananas, dates and super-nutritious teff flour to make banana bread! (click here for recipe)

Yogi came over Tuesday.  It was hot, he still has his winter coat on.  He and Penny kinda hung out in the shade, doing nothing... have an awesome day!


Barbara Rogers said...

Aren't dates the greatest secret to come out of the Middle East? Yum. Gotta try avocado on pizza too.

Lori Buff said...

I love avocados but never thought to put them on a pizza. Brilliant.

smalltownme said...

Avocado on pizza is awesome and now I wonder why I haven't had it in ages.

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