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Friday, November 1, 2013

when you have guests, it is best to RELAX

I take guests and hosting very seriously.  We have a BOATLOAD of guests this weekend, and SHEESH! Lookit me, posting so late!
Blame the Cape Codders....
By relax, I mean, do what you have to do, right?  I make my list, I cruise through it, and drop what can't be done.
I am so very solitary I do not often have to work with anybody else or their schedule or needs or requests.  If I turn off my usual FAST LANE EXPRESS TRAIN personality, and decide to enjoy the time rather than make it my usual "GET OUT OF MY WAY, I have  A LIST!  I AM BUSY!".  Because you may think I am a mellow dude, and I certainly may act like one, instead I am a SLAVE TO MY LIST...and since I write that list, I AM A TYRANT to my employees, who happen to be me.

So, point one in entertaining, relax Gary!  You are doing fine, they are happy, they are eating all those tasty items and they probably don't notice the crappy job I do in cleaning the house. (keep the lighting LOW)
The other secret to hosting that I have found?
Always have raspberries.  PEOPLE love them, everybody does, and at the table when they look at all the Indian, Mexican and Asian spicy vegan gluten-free food I prepare, even the pickiest eater could say "at least there are raspberries..."

Hey, let's catch up on gorgeous pots, right?  Have a look here!

(new pottery by Gary Rith)


smalltownme said...

Who would even notice raspberries with all that yummy food?

Barbara Rogers said...

I lvoe the idea of low lighting, as well as raspberries. I do hope your guests appreciate your abilities as a chef as well!

cookingwithgas said...

nice pots!

Anonymous said...

I never knew raspberries were that kind of powerful.

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