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Saturday, November 16, 2013

interpreting what I am up to....

This blog was begun in August 2006 (well, maybe the first blog was, the one that I filled up and is linked below) with the idea that I would share 3 things every day:  what I am up to, esp. the studio, what I am dreaming and what I am listening to.  I have since added, of course, a lot of pet action and cooking!
But I neglect the dreams and I also neglect the music.  Sheesh! You probably feel cheated!

I dreamt Thursday into Friday that I was inside a house.  It was a bit disturbing, there were 3-4 stories and a lot of windows, but I couldn't figure how to get out.  There was a snake in the basement and outside was a huge snake with front legs...ugh, I am not crazy about snakes, right?

THEN LAST night, just now, I actually had a JOB.  I was sitting there trying to do my job (whatever it is, that was not clear, maybe it involved loafing, napping, guarding my stapler?  But still:  it was a JOB) and this bossy-boss type comes over and acting like we do this all the time, tells me to DO SOMETHING.  Like, NOW!  I was really miffed, it was obvious he could have done it in ten seconds on his way down the hall, but he was making ME get up and do it for him.

I like the idea of walking a mile in somebody else's shoes, to understand them, like my wife and her work and all the rest of the world.  GOOD GOLLY think of all the azzh*le bosses who get a kick out of making somebody else do all the little sh!t they don't feel like doing, just so they can be a big boss....
I tell the wife I am PRIVILEDGED to be my own boss and I AM.  Even if (during my side gig as a dog walker) you see me scooping one of Yogi's Godzilla size poops.

Meanwhile, back in the studio, I have doodled a new dog, for mugs and bowls....

The wife was asking the other day "what was that song about OLD FOLKS?" and I corrected "you mean the one about YOUNG FOLKS" Have a great Saturday!


bartster said...

Jerry Seinfeld and Joel Hodgson (Mystery Science Theater) had an amusing conversation about who dynamic of bosses and being bossed...Have you seen "Comedians in Cars going for Coffee"?

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I love the song, but have never seen the video. Cool!

cookingwithgas said...

I love comedians in cars, it us great. Houses, rooms, in dreams are the symbols of the new things you will create. Discovery.
But that snake, a fear you need to consider?
Maybe making clay snakes with legs...

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